Friday, September 14, 2007

This Puzzling Life

Today as I was reading the newspaper that I have delivered by mail from my beloved Manitoba, I was really struck with this little article and I thought it would be so fitting to put here in Pilgrim Pals.
It speaks volumes to me and maybe it will be a help to others too!
Life IS a puzzle sometimes but we have the Lord and He will put it all together for us if we let Him!
Oh if we only let HIM!....Love Pilgrim Pal Terry

I spent many happy years in Rivers, Manitoba when Dad was in the Air Force.


passing-thru said...

SO TRUE -------------


We are all UNIQUE pieces in GOD'S GREAT PUZZLES

Pilot Mom said...

What a great little piece for a paper! :) The piece which is missing is the most important piece (in our cases).

Thanks for sharing Terry!