Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paul's Fall

For the month of October we will be featuring Paul Mackay's Still Rambling blog.

This incredible shot of fall foliage was taken by my friend Paul.
Be sure to check out his site for many great photos.

Thanks for being a great friend, Paul. You are such a blessing!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Greater Vision LIVE...TONIGHT

Here is some late-breaking news regarding my favourite Southern Gospel group, Greater Vision. They are appearing LIVE tonight at David Jeremiah's church in Southern California and the concert will be broadcast on the internet.

Here's the announcement I received from Greater Vision:

Watch Greater Vision's
"Live" Concert

Sunday September 28, 2008


We just learned that our concert at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California tonight will be broadcast "live" on the internet!

If you live in Southern California and can make it to the concert, we'll see you there! However, if you don't live close enough to join us in person, you can watch the concert on Shadow Mountain's website beginning at 6pm (Pacific Time).

Broadcast times for other US time zones would be...
9pm (Eastern)
8pm (Central)
7pm (Mountain)

To see the live broadcast, click on the picture at the top of this email, then click "Watch Live", or visit the church's website at www.shadowmountain.org
and follow the links to "view our services".

We've already had two wonderful services today with Dr. David Jeremiah and the wonderful folks at Shadow Mountain, so we're expecting tonight to be really special. Join us "live" if you can!


Gerald Wolfe
Greater Vision

Note: You may not check our Pilgrim Pals blog in time to catch this concert but perhaps some of you will be fortunate enough.

Blessings, fellow Pals!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary To The Cake Maker & Her Hubby

I will be off the air for a couple of days because Bernie has to work on our computers but I just had to tell you all that it is our Peterborough Girl's wedding anniversary...her and Andy's fifth!!
So Happy Anniversary and have a great weekend you young'uns and Madeline!! Love from all of the Pals....

For more wedding photos go to see Julie and Madeline at http://cakesandstuff.blogspot.com

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Better Day

Thank you all for your prayers! There is such power in the prayers of the Pals! Just a quick post to let you know, I felt better today and was out and about. God is giving me His grace to endure.
David, I did read your comment about telephoning me, sorry I was out most of the day and didn't see the comment until around 4 pm. I'll send you and email later.....I'm on my way to visit my mom who is still in the hospital.

Bless you all.

Little Missionary


Here's a poem I discovered this morning while surfing for some encouraging words for our Little Missionary, Julie. These powerful words were written by Jenn over at Life In Return. She wrote the following preamble:

I wrote this last night as a reminder and self encouragement. I wasn’t going to post it, but it may serve as a reminder and encouragement for another brother or sister in Christ. - Jenn


Though the darkness is thick and heavy
Though it suffocates me so
Truth shall hold my hand tightly
And lead me wherever I shall go (Psalm 43:3)

Though brokenness knows me well
And pain be far from me not
I shall press to speak to my soul (Ps. 42:5)
And take captive every thought (2 Cor. 10:5)

Though sleep evades me nightly
And tears flow with no end in sight (Ps 22:2)
I shall pour out my heart to God
Whose song is with me in the night (Ps 42:8)

Though it seems no end’s in view
And the doldrums my daily path
I shall take comfort in the reality
That eternally it won’t last (Rev. 21:4)

Though the darkness is thick and heavy
Though it suffocates me so
Truth shall hold my hand tightly
And lead me wherever I shall go (Ps. 43:3)

Thanks so much for posting this, Jenn. I was certainly encouraged!

~ David

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Birthday Girl....Vera Lynn..Sept 25 2008

Happy Birthday to the Pilgrims Pal's littlest pilgrim, Vera Lynn, Donna's grand baby!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Call to Prayer

Recently we came to know of an ex-Christian Muslim lady. Her maid does some work for us. Mrs Noori knows our family very well. Some of my relatives taught her in school.

She grew up in a traditional Christian home.Her other siblings married non-Christians and she married a wealthy Muslim and converted to Islam. She is a widow and before dying her husband made her promise that she would raise their children according to the Muslim faith. He even took her to Mecca on a holy pilgrimage.

We asked the maid to find out her Christian name, but she does not want to disclose it. Her college going son does not want her to reveal to anyone that she is from a Christian background.

She told her maid that she sometimes goes to a church in the suburbs of our town.Her daughter married a Christian pilot and lives in Goa. The son is very displeased with that. Mrs Noori goes to Goa to celebrate Christmas with her daughter.

The maid told us that Mrs Noori has converted a spare bedroom into a Christian prayer room. She has a cross on the wall, maybe some Catholic pictures (the maid is uneducated, so she can 't describe it well) and a Bible. She cleans the room and locks it.

Sept was the holy month of Ramadan for the Muslims in which they fast and pray and indulge in good works. Mrs Noori does not fast but she sends food to the Mosque ,her Muslim friends and maid.

Her daughter and son have come to celebrate Eid (Oct 2nd) with her. Tomorrow is the last Friday of the fasting month so she is going to have a special feast in the evening for her family, friends and give food to the mosque and poor people.

It breaks our hearts to see that this woman who must have gone to church in her growing up years has rejected Christianity and has wholeheartedly embraced Islam, although she is trying to pacify her conscience by maintaining a Christian prayer room in her house.

I sent her Christian literature through the maid. She accepted it and said that she would read it after Ramadan and Eid We are praying that she will do that and God 's Word may touch her heart.

Pray with us for Mrs Noori.

Posted by Amrita

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remember to pray for Donna

Hello dear Pals!

Remember that our sweet and treasured Pal Donna is traveling tomorrow morning on her way back to beautiful New York. I can only imagine how lovely the trees must look along the way! We pray that she has a blessed time as she is with her family again who have surely missed her after such a long absence.

God bless you, dear friend! and may He richly bless all you Pals!

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen." -1 Corinthians 16:24

From Little Montreal Girl

Betty Is Home!

Thank you for your prayers. We brought Betty back from the hospital yesterday afternoon.
I will post more later.
Off to take Mom Golden to the docs!....love Terry

For LPP and LMG

Dear LPP and LMG...

I am thinking of you...praying for you...
sending huge hugs your way....

I pray you always know how much you are loved
by all your pals that gather here and pray for
you and your family....

Terry, Passing-thru,
Felisol, Vicki, David, Jel, Laura, Lauren,
Saija, Pilot Mom, Julie, Julie C., Ron, Jim, Amrita...

Mrs. Butler

Monday, September 22, 2008

I fixed it!

Dear Pals:

I removed the nasty comment and re-posted Mr. Fisher's post. It is down below. Thank you Mrs. Butler for your quick work to remove the post!

Little Montreal Girl

Note to Donna and Little Montreal Girl:

Thanks so much for getting rid of that nasty comment. I've had several of those from the same person on my other blogs. How did you get rid of it, Little Montreal Girl?

Be blessed tonight, dear friends!

Lots of love,


Lots of travelling this week!

Hi Pals!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes last week! I took a few pictures from my birthday- I'll have to upload them soon!

This week seems to be a very busy week for travel. I'm heading back to Kanata tomorrow (Tuesday) because I have a few job interviews in Ottawa in the upcoming week. Please pray that the trip home is uneventful!

Also, my parents are flying out to Vancouver for a wedding on Thursday, so hopefully their trip will go smoothly.

Last, but not least, my best friend Chelsea just left for a year in London, England. She is completing her Masters in Art History. We've been best friends since we were 12, and she's such a strong Christian and a blessing in my life (I miss her already!). Please keep her in your prayers. She has been very stressed out getting everything organized, so I'm praying that she gets settled soon.


I moved your post to a draft because of a comment that was not very kind....I just happened to be on the computer to notice it and knew of no other way to get rid of it...email me if you need any additional info about it.


For Vicki

Dear Vicki.
How can you feel insignificant....because you are not!
How many times have I gone on to the Pals and read your comments to me and to the others of us who need your encouraging words. How many times????
As you usually comment in the wee hours of the morning, it is like songs in the night!
I know that I haven't even thanked you and visited you or anyone else for that matter just lately but guess what Nurse Writer, that is about to change. because guess what??
At ten o'clock John, Rachel and I are going to pick Betty up and bring her home!!!
Love Terry

YOU insignificant?...Ha!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Is Much

As many of you know, Greater Vision is my favourite Southern Gospel group. Recently they added a new tenor, Jacob Kitson, to take the place of Jason Waldroup who has moved on to further his Christian education.

Without missing a beat Greater Vision is moving ahead and Jacob is fitting right in. He sang a favourite of mine at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY earlier this month.

Click here to hear Jacob and Greater Vision singing Little Is Much When God Is In It.

Let's not forget that God will take our talents and giftedness, how insignificant we feel that they are, and use them for His glory.

Carry on Pals.

From Beer-Sheba to Horeb

Had a good service, one of the students from the Bible Seminary preached.
Got a donation of Rs 500 ($10) for the PA system.
Mama had some tummy trouble after having fruit juice yesterday. We spoke to the doctor on the telephone.He advised further investigation.
I must be honest here. My mother 's physical problems have started to invoke spasms of depression and despair in me. It has not happened in these past 4 years since my Dad passed away.
When Mama feels ill a very dark cloud envelopes me
My head and heart start to feel heavy and an elephant jumps on my chest.
I echo the thoughts of Elijah in Beersheba
3Elijah was afraid and fled for his life, going to Beer-sheba of Judah. He left his servant there4 and went a day's journey into the desert, until he came to a broom tree and sat beneath it. He prayed for death: "This is enough, O LORD! Take my life, for I am no better than my fathers."
But like like Elijah in the shade of the broom tree God sends me bread and water in the form of Scripture verses and physical healing.
5 He lay down and fell asleep under the broom tree, but then an angel touched him and ordered him to get up and eat.6 He looked and there at his head was a hearth cake and a jug of water. After he ate and drank, he lay down again,7 but the angel of the LORD came back a second time, touched him, and ordered, "Get up and eat, else the journey will be too long for you!"8 He got up, ate and drank; then strengthened by that food, he walked forty days and forty nights to the mountain of God, Horeb. (1Kings;19)
And I am revived and ready to step out on the next leg of my journey with God. I have my Mount Horeb where God speaks to me not in the whirlwind and earthquake but in a still small voice and the light at the end of the tunnel begins to gleam brightly.My grace is enough for you
for my Power is displayed in your weakness
( refer to 2 Cor 12;9)
Mama is better today and was able to eat without any trouble..
Throughout this week churches were attacked and destroyed in South India. The state Home Minister brushed it away as minor incidents.
Would he have reacted the same way if it were a temple or a mosque?
Posted by Amrita

Friday, September 19, 2008


Thank you so much for posting this for me Passing-thru.
Now I have anther update and I will just slip it in here with your post.
I just got off the phone with Betty and she sounds better, but they still want to keep her in the safety of the hospital as they monitor her blood pressure and get the medication under control.
She is very very tired but I think that comes from the operation that she has endured and then the putting in of the pace maker.
Betty has made several good friends during her stay and has got their emails and in one case a phone number, so she is pretty happy about that.
We will all be so glad when she is home though!
And again I thank you Passing-thru and I thank you all for your prayers.
I know that everyone is praying for John because he is really doing well with everything that is happening.....Love Terry

I just got home awhile ago and got online --- Terry emailed this as she was in a hurry --

Dear Passing-thru.
I have to be quick..Betty went in an hour ago for her pace maker.
Rachel and I are heading to the hospital now.
Could you please tell them at the Pals and at my site.
The prayers are so important!
*** THIS EMAIL WAS SENT TO ME YESTERDAY and I thought it was today so I posted this a dat late --- sorry about that Terry, but am glad Betty is doing good ---

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus

This song has always been a favourite of mine. I checked You Tube for a rendition that ministered to my spirit and this one did. I trust you will be encouraged as you are reminded of His great love and care.

He truly cares for you!
Click here to enjoy this powerful song.

~ David

Someone Understands

Dear Pilgrim Pals:

The following article was posted over at Pilgrim Scribblings yesterday and I thought I'd post it here on "Pals" as well. When we wonder if anyone will ever understand...God does. I'm reminded of a wonderful song entitled, No One Understands Like Jesus." He truly knows our struggles and cares deeply for us. Hallelujah.

- David

Do you ever struggle with feelings that you can't quite find words to describe? And, if you could, you wouldn't be gutsy enough to share them with others because they just wouldn't understand? I've certainly been there...as recently as today.

Sometimes we wonder if anyone else on the face of the earth could comprehend the complexities of our battles. Then, out of the blue, we discover that someone has actually written about the exact thing we're dealing with.
Keeping those thoughts to ourselves for fear of being misrepresented or misunderstood can lead to dangerous introspection but at times we just can't get them out there.

A book I refer to time and time again is
Bright Days, Dark Nights by Elizabeth Skoglund. I've mentioned it here in Pilgrim Scribblings several times. She skillfully uses the writings of the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, attempting to bring light to the dark subjects of depression, anxiety and loneliness among other things.

Skoglund quotes
J. B. Phillips whose book Your God Is Too Small is a classic. Phillips uttered these words of confession, "The hardest thing of all to bear is what I can only describe as a nameless mental pain, which is, as far as I know, beyond the reach of any drug, and which I have tried in vain to describe to anyone."

He continues, "It would have been of inestimable comfort and encouragement to me in some of my darkest hours if I could have come across even one book written by someone who had experienced and survived the hellish torments of mind which can be produced. And, alas, I know very, very few clergy or ministers who would even know what the sufferer was talking about."

So we carry on, alone to a degree, but we know that God
DOES understand the pain we bear. And so, again, we are forced (why does it have to come to that?) to cast our burden on the Lord knowing that He will sustain us and bring us out of that dark, hideous place. Rejoice that we know One who was there. He was the Man of Sorrows and he's very much acquainted with grief.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Betty's Progress And An Update

Update...Betty was not given the pace maker today and just this evening, the doctor told her the risks of having it. He said that it would be bad if she got infection and also there would be the risk of puncturing her lung from where they have to put it. She is a little afraid but she seems to be wanting to comfort Rachel and the rest of the family more than worrying about herself. We all really need your continued prayers...Thanking you as best as I can....Love Terry

Betty is recovering from the operation, but just yesterday, they told her that she would be probably getting a pace maker put in today.
As of yet, she is still waiting to go in for this.
The doctor has to wait until he can get time in between others that were already booked.
Betty does not seem to be too worried about this.
Her son Matthew had a pace maker put in just months ago and it has been doing him good.
Betty's heart beat was 150 yesterday when she went for a little walk with Rachel and me[twenty feet at the most!]
I will keep you updated as how this minor operation goes.
I am going down in an hour with John and Little John to Hamilton.
My brother, Teddy is down visiting from Iowa and Betty will be so glad to see him!

Thanks again for your continued prayer!......Love Terry

PS Betty has given me the name of the Hamilton doctor who specializes in Myotonic Dystrophy and I am going to ask my own doctor tomorrow, if he can refer me to him. Thanks for your nagging Felisol..Ha!! We are going to have to call you the Pilgrim Pal's mother hens, you and that Donna!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Older and Wiser

If we've got the date right, today is Lauren-Mary's birthday. Terry has already baked her a cake and we certainly appreciate the hard work that Terry puts into these birthday celebrations.

Lauren-Mary, Happy Birthday! Don't be a stranger to Pilgrim Pals. We love to hear from you. Let us know how we can pray and we will keep you before the Father. Blessings, friend!

~ David and all the Pals

Please Pray For Our Amazing Grace Man

Comments From Grandpaw Ron's blog....http://rrbj.wordpress.com/

hey grandpaw,sorry to hear that your thumb giving ya trouble!
how have i been doing? hanging on a wing and a prayer :/ or somnthing like that

Hi Janice,
Glad to see ya’ hows you been doing . Me is still having trouble with my thumb but my index finger is doing ok ?

Hi Janice,
Just don’t turn loose of the wing and keep on praying , He’s listening ?
The Doctor is going to have to cut and scrape my right thumb again teusday ? Getting tired of hurting and sore fingers ?
Blessings and wishing you have a good Lord’s day

Hey, Bro. Ron. We missed you yesterday. I’m sory to hear you are still having trouble with your thumb. We will definitely be praying for you. If you need me for anything, just let me know.

Morning Bro. Gordon,
I missed everybody too ! It was another one of those days ? My right thumb started acting up again last teusday and just about hurt and throbed since then ? I go back to the doctor tomorrowfor a routine check on my fingers and I guess he’l be supprised to know he’l have to redo my thumb ?


Monday, September 15, 2008


In eleven hours I am to attend a meeting in a conflict case.
I need help from God to behave in a Christian way, not provoking or arrogant, like I tend to.
I, of course, am also hoping for a peaceful solution for all parts involved.
One might think that this would be an easy task for a mature, grown up (not to speak elderly) woman to handle on her own.
To me it isn't.
Worst thing is that the devil comes back for more, after I have fallen. A woman of such behavior cannot call herself a Christian....
I know that by God's grace I am a Christian, and so is Gunnar.
I would very much appreciate your prayer for us in this specific meeting.
I somehow feel comforted just by writing.
From yours,

Pals, if you click on to the picture , it will become large enough for you to see the pretty girl on the far side of the sea looking at us all over here, eh?... Ha!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cellulitis Is Back

Plans change. Things happen. Illness comes uninvited.

My plan was to leave this morning for the Hockey Ministries International Fall Conference in Stowe, Vermont. I was going
to meet several others on the HMI Ontario staff in Port Hope and ride with them. I'd been looking forward to this for months. But, as I said, plans change.

Yesterday I discovered that the dreaded plague, cellulitis, had returned for the 6th time in 3 years. My left ear is badly infected and it's really swollen. Each time cellulitis hits it levels me for several days. Extreme fatigue always accompanies cellulitis.

Carol took me to Scarborough Grace Hospital in Toronto where the Infectious Disease Specialist that worked with me practices. We were given two different medications and arrived home (75 mile drive each way) at 1:50 this morning.

The cellulitis along with the heart problems I've been battling prevented me from going to the conference. Talk about disappointment! So, I won't be sleeping in this bed (pictured) at the Stowehof Inn.

Thanks for your prayers, dear fr

~ David

Miscellaneous "Pilgrim" Updates

Dear PILGRIM PALS, I thought you might be interested in our latest update:


Mom has been in Peterborough Regional Health Centre for approx. 6 weeks since her hip replacement (from 1999) was found to be infected. She has been taking antibiotics and in a week or two, when the doctor is convinced that the infection in completely gone, she will get a new replacement hip put in. Mom has been very positive during this extended hospital stay and has appreciated the visits, prayers and gifts of family and friends. Thank you for your ongoing prayer support for mom. It is much appreciated.


Since my last update I have been to the hospital twice with atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm. Both times my heart rate was stabilized by administering medication intravenously and they didn't have to use the paddles, for which I was grateful. The doctor has prescribed a beta-blocker to slow down my heart rate. I still have more heart tests later this week. I'll keep you posted but thanks so much for your prayers.


Yesterday I made our annual pre-season chapel presentation to the Peterborough Petes. Jeff Twohey, the Petes' General Manager, introduced me and spoke of the value of the Hockey Ministries International chapel program to the team. Two veteran players also spoke from their perspective and challenged their teammates to take advantage of our twice-monthly MONDAY WE HAVE FISH sessions. Our first chapel for the season will be on Monday, September 22nd. Thanks for your prayers concerning this vital ministry.


Last week we made the very difficult decision to take Matthew (13) and Nathan (12) out of the Christian school they had attended for the last two years. We enrolled them in the Arrowsmith School, a specialized school that works with children with various learning disabilities. They work on retraining the brain and have been very successful in helping students. Making the decision was one of the most difficult things Carol and I have ever done. We wished that God would give us a phone call and tell us exactly what to do. We want our boys to get the help they need but we're not always certain which route to take. We are still praying for God's direction and would greatly value your prayers. The financial commitment we will have to make to get help for the boys is staggering but we know that He can supply in miraculous ways. Thanks for your concern and prayer support.


Although I haven't said much about our family business, FisherCast Global Corporation, the recent sale of the company to our biggest competitor, Dynacast, has been a real heartbreaker for me. My Uncle Bill founded the company back in 1942 and was later joined by my Uncle Frank and then my father. All three brothers have since been called home to heaven. FisherCast Global Corporation became a world class leader in the production of precision zinc die castings. For years the family business helped to support countless Christian ministries, missions agencies and Christian workers and missionaries. In recent years, the strengthening of the Canadian dollar, the economic downturn, foreign competition and troubles in the automotive industry all lead to discreasing sales and we were forced to sell the company. I have such fond memories of Fisher Gauge Limited (the former name). Dad spent many years there and I worked in the business for the first seven years following graduation from high school. We pray that the legacy established by the Fisher brothers will not be tarnished by this unfortunate turn of events. The founder and his brothers honoured God and I know that thousands, and perhaps millions, have been blessed by their generosity. The loss is still staggering to me and other members of our family. Thanks for your prayers!


This summer I had the privilege of serving as Chapel Director for five (5) weeks at Elim Lodge, the Christian Conference Centre just north of Peterborough. I was responsible to lead all chapel services each week and to generally be available for encouragement and spiritual counsel. What a blessing! Carol and the boys were able to join me often and we had a great time.


Carol and I are gradually adjusting to our "new to us" home just east of Peterborough. Having to sell the home we lived in for the past 14 years was difficult but we are moving on and becoming comfortable here. Thanks for your prayers during this transition.


Our granddaughter Victoria (16) has lived with us since she was three years old. For the last 10 days of August she joined several others from our church on a Missions Trip to Belize in Central America. She thoroughly enjoyed this trip and made some great friends among the children there that she worked with. When asked to rate her trip on a scale of 1 - 10 she told me it was an 11. What a life-changing experience! We are so proud of Victoria.


We continue to trust God to meet our financial needs. Epsitle Sports Ministries is a faith ministry and we are dependent on the gifts and offerings of interested and concerned family and friends. Our needs are many but we are trusting God to provide. He always has but at times we get concerned when the mail box is empty. Summer is always a very slow time financially. Thanks for your prayers and generosity. All gifts are tax-deductible and receipts are sent at year-end.

Gifts may be sent to:

Epistle Sports Ministries - 294 Rink Street - Suite 101 - Peterborough, ON K9J 2K2

God bless you richly,

David Fisher

Happy Birthday Dear Pilgrim Pal Lauren-Mary

Tomorrow it is Lauren-Mary's birthday and for once this greeting is a day early than a day late!
So we are all, your Pilgrim Pals, Lauren-Mary wishing you a very happy day tomorrow!!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to you!

Love from everybody.

Here is one of your favourite hymns

Recent Developments.

I was cut out from the cyber world for 8 days and several incidents took place which I have listed below. I know you all will pray for us.

1. I lost my Internet connectionon Sept 5th and I complained and called up several officers, but to no avail.At last I managed to procure the cell phone number of the area officer or SDO.After that I kept calling him relentlessly.Pleading with him to get my Internet and phone restored.He gave me absent-minded assurances at first.

But I kept going. I was like the persistent widow in the parable of Jesus who kept on asking the judge to settle her case.When he got fed up with her begging he meted out justice to her.

When the SDO understood that I was not going to give him any peace he came to my house and for 3 days personally supervised the restoring of my connection as well as other neighbourhood connections.Very unusual for an official to do. It was a deep underground cable fault. I got my connection back on Friday evening. Persistence works.
Seek and keep on seeking

Knock and keep on knocking

Ask and keep on asking
In all areas of your life.

2. Mom got an abdominal infection and was quite unwell these past few days. Two days ago I called in our physician to see her inspite of her saying she would be OK. He prescribed a whole slew of medicines. She is better, praise God but still can 't eat much.

3. Last weekend there was a major theft in our church sanctuary.That just blew the wind out of our sails.
The thieves broke the window pane of a side door and stole
a) Our almost new Public Address system. It was very expensive and the pride of our church. Our pastor had raised money for it and his wife had contributed quite a large amount from her own savings.
b) Brass and silver metal flower vases I had given to the church.
c) A battery run generator(UPS) donated by a church member.
d) and a 100 pound block of iron used for construction purposes - very costly.
e) Some church crockery
f) Brass fittings from the toilet WC.
g) an old table fan.
We went to the police to report the matter but the policemen said they would arrest (manhandle) our church helpers.We did not want that ,for we know they are honest people and this is not their work, so we did not lodge a formal complaint. The thieves were from outside maybe someone who had worked on our construction team.
It a huge loss for our small struggling congregation and we don 't know how to recover our damages.

After this morning 's service one of our church ladies who gets Rs 500 ( $5 or 6) as her teachers pension contributed Rs 200 ($4) towards the P.A. system Fund. Its ridiculous no one can survive on Rs 500 a month, you can only last for 2 or 3 days, but God will bless her contribution.Thank you Aunty Indu.

The off-shoot of the theft is that we have to secure a part of our wall which the thieves easily scaled to enter our campus and also board up the doors and install new padlocks etc. Added expenses which we can hardly afford.
At the time we discovered the theft we were in much pain and shock, (an Indian) missionary friend of ours visited us.Julius and his family were away for a conference last December when they got a call from a neighbour telling them that their house had been ransacked by thieves.They are not rich people. All their clothes and valuables and household stuff was gone.Julius told us, he turned to his wife and said;" Manju now we are free, we are lite, we can serve the Lord better." This story really moved us so deeply.
The burdens have seemed so heavy lately that I was almost on the verge of depression but then I was reminded of 1 Cor 10;13 - my life verse.

I know you all will pray for us.I believe God will not allow trials which I cannot bear.If I keep this truth firmly embedded in my mind - depression and self-pity will keep at bay and I will find strength to do battle with the enemy of my body and soul.
Tomorrow I have to appear in court for our church court hearing.
You must have heard about the Delhi bombings. Those are the places we frequent when we visit Delhi.

Posted by Amrita

Update On Betty

Going to see Betty and staying the whole days has just exhausted me, but I am so glad to say that she is getting better.
Although she is still in intensive care where the nurses can keep a good eye on her, she is definitely feeling better, and she tells Rachel that she is having no pain.
The main problem has been with her muscles.
In our family, six of the nine Golden children have a disease that is called myotonic dystrophy.
http://goldbamboo.com/topic-t6872-a20634.html..The two biggest symptoms of this is weakening muscles[neck, arms and legs] and cataracts at the age of the late twenties and early thirties. Betty, Teddy, Gail and I have all had cataract surgery in early adulthood.

It took Betty a little time before she could lift her head off the pillow after her recovery from the operation.

I am so sorry that I haven't reported sooner but I have just been so exhausted.
It doesn't mean that I haven't appreciated all of your prayers and support and that I have missed out on reading the answer to prayers for Donna's sister, and that I have not prayed for Little Missionary Julie, our Montreal family,David, Grandaw Ron,Leo, Gunnar, and all the rest of the Pals!!
All my love and blessings....love Terry

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Praise Report

PALS has been very quiet....

come out, come out where ever you are....

The report coming from my brother in law this afternoon is that my sister is being discharged tomorrow....which to me is very surprising being it's only been three days since her surgery, but......

just wanted to say hello and give you that bit of news....

Thanks to all of you who have been praying, commenting and sending emails of support and encouragement....a beautiful testimony of God's people reaching out to each other in love.....an example of the body of Christ at work....

Thank you again.....It has meant so much to me during this time.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Report On Betty

In just a little while, Rachel will be picking me up to go to see Betty in Hamilton.
We returned late last night.
Betty only needed a double by pass and the doctor informed us that all went well and Betty, although still on the breathing tube is doing well this morning also.
The nurse was just talking to Rachel and has told her that the breathing tube will be coming off in the next half hour[9:00 am]
It is hard to know how much I can thank you for all the praying and I hope to get the chance to thank you all personally for all of your prayers and your encouragement.
Betty was so calm before the operation and the wonder that Rachel and I had a hard thing to understand is that in this huge hospital, the Lord had it all arranged that the chief of Staff would be the one who operated on Betty and the chief of the anaesthetists was to be the one to put her to sleep!
Of course as I told Donna...the Chief of the Great Physician was in control the whole time!
Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!
Love Terry and Rachel and the whole family!!

Thank you Susan Bunts for the Bible verse.....God's promise!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yea Though I Walk Through the Valley....

The valley gets steeper and darker....
I will not be offered the position with the paramedic service - not because I didn't do well in the interview - not because they don't want to hire me - but because another candidate has union senority! I knew this was a possibility so it isn't a huge surprise....still disappointing as I have wanted to work for the service for years. It's been all about what I want...time to see what God wants for me.
I am in the "valley of darkness" - yet I declare "I WILL TRUST IN JESUS CHRIST".
Today I saw the Occupational Health Nurse at work - she gave me forms to apply for long-term disability insurance (I don't know how long, long is!). Please pray my claim is accepted so I can have time to really heal and seek not only good medical care but also God's plan for me.

Little Missionary

Let's Get to the HEART of the Matter

ATTENTION: Late-Breaking News Bulletin from our Prayer Warrior, Donna. We have much to praise God for.

Donna writes:

Hey Pals.....Just one last note before I sign off....Terry called earlier this evening and said Betty came through her surgery just fine....they only had to do a double....not a triple....Praise the Lord....thank you all for praying for her....and please continue to pray for my sis.....



What's going on with the PILGRIM PALS and our sisters? Seems like having heart problems is the "in" thing. If you ask me, it's a scary experience. I was supposed to have my stress test and my echo cardiogram tomorrow morning but my doctor suggested that I postpone the stress test for two weeks. So it's just the "echo" tomorrow.

Please keep Terry's sister Betty and Donna's sister in your prayers.


Two Pilgrim Pals and their Sisters

Dear Pals,

I only have a few minutes....Terry called me at 3:30 and they have just now taken Betty into surgery.....it is a three to four hour surgery, so I will keep you posted as I hear. thank you so much for praying for her. I spoke to Betty last night and she was calm......

I sent an email to about 45 people this morning (hopefully I did not overlook any of you) that my baby sister in Virginia was to have angioplasty this morning......that procedure was cancelled....and she is scheduled for bypass surgery tomorrow morning.....September 11th....one of her main arteries is completely blocked.

I am waiting to hear from my brother in law and to talk to my sis, but I plan to leave here around 3:00 in the morning which will get me into Virginia at 10:00 a.m.
and be with her children....

I appreciate all your prayers....

P.S. Some day I have a story to tell about the four tickets that I purchased back in May or was it June? to go to the Gaither concert in Toronto this Saturday, the 13th. A number of circumstances have come up each month causing me to think perhaps I was not supposed to be going to the concert.....and now today....this latest devlopment has definitely blocked me from attending...it is all very weird....and I don't understand.


The Queen of Job Interviews

Life sure has been interesting lately - if not frustrating! As you know, I went on my 3rd job interview in the last 6 weeks. The one last Friday with the paramedic service went so well they are asking for references. It's not a done deal but looks hopeful. I know working there will not solve all my "issues" but I'm praying, working in an area of great interest and my educational background being emergency medical care, will help me and I can calmly discern God's plan for me....in regards to long term mission work. Some people may think, how can you do missionary work with the "issues" you have? Well, seems to me God loves to work through those the "world" deems ...not worthy to be used. All I know is when I'm on the field, that is were I am most at peace...any cloud of depression is immediately lifted.

Little Missionary

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

God on the Mountain

Praying for so many today....Betty, Terry, LPP, LMG, David, Julie, Passing-Thru, Vicki, Felisol, Jel, Julie C., Laura, Lauren, Ron, Jim, Rodney, Saija and Leo...


Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Sick Of Hospitals

With two trips to the Emergency wing in the last 3 weeks for an out-of-control heartbeat I'm getting sick of hospitals.

I have two more heart test this week and hopefully we'll get to the bottom of the matter.

Please keep Terry's sister Betty in your prayers as she prepares for her triple by-pass surgery on September 10th. Thanks!

~ David

Chance Prayer

There's no chance involved in true, biblical prayer!

There's chance involved in this prayer card though. The young man who is requesting prayer in named Chance...Chance Faulkner to be exact.

Chance is one of the young men from our church who went on the recent Missions Trip to Belize, Central America with our granddaughter Victoria.

I wish you could hear his powerful testimony. He's got quite a story to tell, a story of God's power to save and transform a life.

Chance's prayer card was so unique that I wanted to share it with a wider audience. It's hand-lettered and pasted to a piece of corrugated cardboard. As you read this post, please pray that God would use Chance in a wonderful way. His heart is tender towards the Lord and spiritual things.


~ David

Update On Betty

Dear Pals... Betty is having her triple by-pass operation on Wednesday, Sept.10 at 1:00.
Could you all please pray for her?..Love Terry

Thank you!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birthday Boys Keep Us Busy

What a hectic weekend! It's been a good one though. Real good!

On Friday evening Matthew celebrated his 13th birthday with some of his good friends from his "last year's class" at Rhema Christian School. Matthew's birthday was a week earlier but we waited 'til school was back to invite friends. We
had a great pool party and the weather co-operated fairly well. It was overcast and it rained a wee bit but overall it was pretty good. Yesterday Nathan celebrated his 12th birthday by taking two friends with us to the Toronto Blue Jays' game against the Tampa Bay Rays. My good friend Gabe Gross, right-fielder for the Rays, was an invited guest who joined us following the game for a delicious birthday meal at Jack Astor's. The game went 13 innings before the Jays finally put it away with a walk-off grand slam home run. To be honest, I was hoping the Rays would prevail. They have so much more to play for as they are leading the Eastern Division and are likely headed to the post-season.

What would Carol and I have ever done this weekend if we hadn't adopted these two fine boys, complete with all their challenges? Maybe we could have taken our first holiday...alone...in recent memory.
Please continue to pray for us as we seek to provide these two young men with all the love and help they need. THANKS!


Many thanks to all the Pilgrim Pals who wished our boys a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks to Terry for posting the excellent graphics for the boys and for her continued faithful friendship and ongoing contributions to make Pilgrim Pals a worthwhile ministry which encourages one another and glorifies our awesome God!

- David

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Day

Today it rained - it rained hard at times this morning...seemed appropriate for a funeral. It was a beautiful funeral - a celebration of a life well lived. A life that honoured the Lord and trusted in Him as "the Way, the Truth and the Life...". I said "farewell...for now" to my friend Maureen today. I sat in the church with my two friends, with whom I sat many a Wednesday evening as we prayed for and with Maureen. We watched as she deterioated physically, BUT got stronger spiritually! Maureen was sad about leaving her two daughters and 5 grandchildren; however she took great comfort knowing they also trust in the Lord.
I'm lonesome for Maureen and ultimately for my true Home with Jesus. Knowing where Maureen is makes me long for the time I'll be with Jesus - away from the cares and concerns of this world....away from the pain of disappointment and confusion. I long for you O God, in a dry and arid land!
I know the power of prayer from the Pals, so I'm here to ask you to lift me in your prayers...again - it just seems the pressure on my spirit is so much and never lets up for long....my mom is still very ill in the hospital; I've lost a good friend and I feel almost paralyzed with sadness and the anxiousness about work........still I say - I trust in the Lord with all my heart.

Ladies in Prayer Group
picture taken 1 month ago - left to right: Maureen, Deb, Ann and me, not pictured - Maureen's sister Dee.


Julie - LM

Prayers for the Montreal Family

Good evening Pals....it is me again....with a few prayer requests....for/from the Montreal family....

Please continue to pray their van sells.....

Tomorrow, they are working a bazaar to raise money for the shul...they have been very busy all week volunteering their time to help organize and set it up...

Next weekend is their craft show...where they sell their soaps...in talking with them today, there is still lots of work to get done weighing, cutting, wrapping, labeling......

Please keep them in your prayers....for tomorrow and as they go through next week preparing for the show...

I pray YOU are all well...


Nathan Fisher Is Twelve Years Old!

Nathan.."gift from God".
Happy Birthday Nathan from all of your Dad's Pilgrim Pals!

Ecclesiastes 12:1
Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Heart To Heart

Let's keep Betty in our prayers. Thanks for keeping us informed, Donna. I'm so thrilled that you and Terry have developed such a strong bond in the Lord.

Please keep me in your prayers as well. I had another incident yesterday when my heart began racing (just like 2 1/2 weeks ago). Carol drove me to the hospital and after two hours they were able to stabilize my heart rate. They've now prescribed a beta blocker to help reduce the heart rate.

Thanks for your faithful prayers, dear Pilgrim Pals.

Rejoicing in His goodness,


Friday 11:20 p.m.

Terry e-mailed me this evening and she reports Betty is rested; surgery may be scheduled as soon as next week. Terry we are praying for her and for you as well...good nite all...thanks for praying, for staying connected, for caring.


More News on Terry's Sister

Good evening Pals....

Terry phoned me a few minutes ago to update on her sister Betty. She and Betty's daughter are on their way to the hospital in Hamilton to visit her...the specialist is suggesting triple by-pass surgery....Terry said that in Canada there is sometimes a waiting list....

She said she will email me this evening when she knows more...

Thanks for all your prayers....

God bless

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prayers For Treasured Friends......

My friend shall forever be my friend
and reflect a ray of God to me.
Henry David Thoreau

Please Keep Betty in your prayers.....see post below

before I sign off for the afternoon, I wanted
to ask all the Pals to be praying for Julie,
(Lil M).....she has an interview tomorrow,
Friday at 1:15....Julie I am praying our Lords
guidance, comfort and wisdom;

Also....for those of us needing an extra dose of
His encouragement and lifting up...for no
specific reason or explanation....in moments
of loneliness, confusion, concern over
friends, family, relationships lost.....

Saija and Leo, Felisol and Gunner, Serina,
Terry, passing thru, David and Carol, Mrs. Fisher,
Julie, Julie C. Lauren, Laura, Vicki, Jel, Pilot Mom,
Amrita, for Ron's healing, Jim, Rodney, and last but not

for LPP and LMG....and their precious brothers, sister and Mom....
they are as family to me.....

I am off to the airport...

love to all.


UPDATE 3:00 P.M.

Love, Donna

Dear Friends.....8:58 A.M.






Donna: Thanks for posting this urgent prayer request. Let's all pray for Betty and for our beloved Terry. Here's a picture of Betty that Terry posted on her birthday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pal's , check out our Terry's blog site and her latest post on her sister -

It's worth the read --- A remarkable family with a remarkable older sister in Terry



Canadian Friendship Day

Today was Canada Day here.
First of all Terry called me. It was such a thrill and delight to talk to you Terry. And I instantly felt better.
We are like Global Neighbours now.

The afternoon post brought Saija 's post card . And I was so happy to be tangibly in touch with my friend and sister in Christ.

Oh I wish I could do something tangible for all of you Pals. .. like cook a nice non-spicy Indian meal for you.

We are one in the Spirit
We are one in the Lord
as the song goes.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Times of Job

The following devotional thoughts by Christine Wyrtzen were sent to me today by my good friend Phyllis. I trust you will be encouraged. ~ David

"Behold, we count those blessed who endured. You have heard of the endurance of Job and have seen the outcome of the Lord's dealings, that the Lord is full of compassion and is merciful." James 5:11

How has your 2008 been so far? We are often poised on the brink of a new year and with great optimism, expect God's blessing in the form of ease. We can be taken back when crushing times hit and we are called to endure. Have you fallen to your knees this year in anguish? Have you said to a trusted friend, "I can't take anymore! This is too hard? I don't see where God is working at all." I have.

Finding the strength to endure would have been impossible without God granting it, one day at a time. I am confident that if you or I had been able to speak with Job in the middle of his darkest hours, he would not have been able to see any blessing ahead. The nature of loss and grief is that it is all consuming. Pain fills your range of vision completely. Yet, there was an ending to his story that he couldn't possibly have written. He learned that God is a Redeemer.

He gives, takes away, and gives back more than he took because the gift of Himself is in the equation. Where would our theology of pain be if Job's story were not part of Scripture?

I don't know where you are on the continuum of suffering. Perhaps you see storm clouds brewing and you are intuitive enough to know that dark times are ahead. Panic is in your soul. Or perhaps you are already in the battle of your life. You looked in the mirror this morning and thought, "Who is this old woman?" These days have taken their toll and there are no signs that things are going to change. Or finally, perhaps you are beginning to see God's deliverance. By God's grace and the power of His Word in you, the storm is abating.

The last few months are a blur but you have lived long enough to awaken with palpable hope in your soul. It's no longer just faith-talk; you can feel it. What would be my words to each of you? Make up your mind to be the tree planted by springs of living water. That means fighting for your life to stay in the Word of God when your trust in Him could very easily be shaken off its foundation. "Living Water" must be washing over your doubt constantly. Your thoughts must constantly be sifted. Throw out ALL that don't align with the life of faith.

Job had some serious crisis moments during his journey through the valley of suffering. He was encouraged to curse God when all the evidence was stacked against his faith. He didn't. He could have resented the poor compassion of his friends and refused to forgive. He didn't. He could have taken his life. He didn't. He took up his issues with God and heard God speak back, personally and powerfully. That was his turning point. It has always been the personal Word of God that clarifies, strengthens and sustains.

“May nothing else satisfy me today. You not only get me through what seem like impossible days but you promise to make them productive in my life. I trust You. Amen.”

Living in the glory of Jesus,

Christine Wyrtzen

Summer Silhouettes

Last night I took this photo in our backyard as the sun was disappearing on the western horizons. This was taken facing north from our backyard.

It's always tough to bid the summer months farewell and march into the fall. I'll never forget my high school years when I dreaded labour day and the impending thoughts of school so much.

Have a great week, dear Pals.

~ David

Monday, September 1, 2008

My friend, Maureen

I shared in the past about my friend Maureen battling cancer. She fought ovarian cancer several years ago, but cancer returned in the last year. She lost the battle at 4:30 a.m. on Monday. She passed away from this life in her own bed...just the way she wanted it. Though her family and friends will miss her so much, we take great comfort knowing where she is - resting in the presence of her Lord and Saviour, Jesus!

Every Wed evening myself, and 3 other ladies would go visit and pray with Maureen. I will cherish those visits in my heart - what a privilege it was to have walked with her on her journey to Home.

I love you Maureen :)

Little Missionary


Reflecting abit here -- quite the world we live in -- the more things change , the more they stay the same -- as they say " Nothing new under the sun" and yet it is new -- we have never been down this road before , each day is a totally new one -- Our "walk" is one day closer to the prize , the enemy if anything grows stronger, , more things to lure us away , except for persecuted Christians in China or India or any place other than America -- here we have no persecution, just indifference and affluence , these two things are more insidious than open hostility to the Gospel ----

My daughter just gave me this web site -- good stuff http://www.oneplace.com/

Have a good evening "pals"


Victoria Is Home

Our granddaughter Victoria (pictured on the far left) arrived home late last night after flying around Hurricane Gustav on her flight from Belize City to Houston. We were glad to see her home safely. When I asked her how she would rate her Missions Trip experience on a scale of 1-10 she replied, "11!"

I'll relate more concerning her trip later.

This morning I arrived back home from Elim Lodge. What a great summer it was out there! Now I have to re-adjust to life in the "real" world.

I'll be posting on a regular basis again and I thank those who keep the fires burning here at Pilgrim Pals.

God is good!

~ David