Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer Silhouettes

Last night I took this photo in our backyard as the sun was disappearing on the western horizons. This was taken facing north from our backyard.

It's always tough to bid the summer months farewell and march into the fall. I'll never forget my high school years when I dreaded labour day and the impending thoughts of school so much.

Have a great week, dear Pals.

~ David


Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim David,
I agree, I don't like to bid summer farewell, no matter what the calendar says.
My grandmom used to say,"it's not how you are, it's how you take it."

I was out hiking with three of my best friends today,- three hours in pouring rain.
We had a wonderful time, finally able to concentrate on our friendship.
We all talked about how blessed we felt, walking and talking together, our hands and mouths blue from eating blueberry leftovers in the woods. (Picking that is.)
Just like life the seasons have their own charm.
We just have to cherish it when we are there.
I wish you and your family all well in your new home, praying and hoping that everything is alright.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Hi David...The reason that I always liked the first day of school is because with Dad Golden's being in the air force, we children got all of our books and school supplies for free. It was really fun getting all those goodies!
Ha!! though that was my favourite day and then I looked forward to the LAST day!!...Love Terry


That is beautiful photo Davd.Hope your summer last longer.

Here we long for the hot summer to be over and the cool season to begin.


The last comment was by me Amrita. i forgot to put my name on it.