Sunday, September 14, 2008

Update On Betty

Going to see Betty and staying the whole days has just exhausted me, but I am so glad to say that she is getting better.
Although she is still in intensive care where the nurses can keep a good eye on her, she is definitely feeling better, and she tells Rachel that she is having no pain.
The main problem has been with her muscles.
In our family, six of the nine Golden children have a disease that is called myotonic dystrophy. two biggest symptoms of this is weakening muscles[neck, arms and legs] and cataracts at the age of the late twenties and early thirties. Betty, Teddy, Gail and I have all had cataract surgery in early adulthood.

It took Betty a little time before she could lift her head off the pillow after her recovery from the operation.

I am so sorry that I haven't reported sooner but I have just been so exhausted.
It doesn't mean that I haven't appreciated all of your prayers and support and that I have missed out on reading the answer to prayers for Donna's sister, and that I have not prayed for Little Missionary Julie, our Montreal family,David, Grandaw Ron,Leo, Gunnar, and all the rest of the Pals!!
All my love and Terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
praying is like eating and drinking, neither of us forgets.
I liked Donna's praising comment.
We are being spoiled with our prayers being heard.
Now a mighty hallelujah should sound from west to east.
A humble hallelujah, to the Lord who has proved to be, who he said he was.
Aren't we blessed midst in our trials?
PS Serina's om her second antibiotic cure in on month. She sure could need some words to get rid of the always returning streptococcus.
She need to build up some strength.

From yours,

Felisol said...

PS We were off to visit my Mom this week-end.
God has worked miracles on her too after the stroke she suffered in January.
She's now managing almost on herown, and best of all; she's living the life she wants to live.
Praise the Lord.

passing-thru said...

GOD will work all things to HIS Glory ---

Important Terry for U to rest ---
but I have said that before and it's in U to keep going (smiling)

Blessings on U Terry


Dear Terry, hope and pray Betty is feeling better. They may give her physio therapy??? My Dad got it after his bypass. LOve, Amrita

Vicki said...

Terry, sweet saint, get yourself some good rest. Still praying for Betty's recuperation and healing. Thankful for answered prayers.

Felisol, your comment encouraged my heart. I will be praying for Serina's strength to return...and thanking God for antibiotics - hopefully this next round will be effective. May your mother continue to do well in the months ahead! We love praying for family.