Monday, September 22, 2008

I fixed it!

Dear Pals:

I removed the nasty comment and re-posted Mr. Fisher's post. It is down below. Thank you Mrs. Butler for your quick work to remove the post!

Little Montreal Girl

Note to Donna and Little Montreal Girl:

Thanks so much for getting rid of that nasty comment. I've had several of those from the same person on my other blogs. How did you get rid of it, Little Montreal Girl?

Be blessed tonight, dear friends!

Lots of love,



passing-thru said...

Good work LMG and our DONNA ---

don't know how or why someone who is not in "tune" with our views would comment unkindly ---

Blessings on all the "pals" this monday evening ---

Mondays are tough --- lol

Terry said...

Blessings on you too Passing-thru.
So nice to hear your voice!!..Love Terry

Little Montreal Girl said...

Dear Mr. Fisher,
Mrs. Butler removed the post and put it as a draft. So I re-posted it and clicked comments. Under each comment there is a trash can. I clicked that and it asked if I'm sure I want to delete it forever, then I clicked yes. I hope that helps. If you need more help, Mrs Butler and Mrs. Shirkie have My email address. Or you can leave a comment and I will leave you another one to answer it if I can. I'll look ans see it you can block certain users from commenting. Or you can try to contact Blogger and flag that guy. I feel bad for him that he has so much anger inside of him.

Glad to help!
Little Montreal Girl

Terry said...

Yes it is real easy to do. I wonder if it is the same guy from a few months ago that I had to delete from at least fifty posts! I finally got tired and didn't check the rest but I just bet that there are more in there in some earlier posts!
Just remember to click on delete forever!....Good job Little Montreal Girl for deleting forever and Donna to you who noticed it!...Love Terry