Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Please Pray For Our Amazing Grace Man

Comments From Grandpaw Ron's blog....http://rrbj.wordpress.com/

hey grandpaw,sorry to hear that your thumb giving ya trouble!
how have i been doing? hanging on a wing and a prayer :/ or somnthing like that

Hi Janice,
Glad to see ya’ hows you been doing . Me is still having trouble with my thumb but my index finger is doing ok ?

Hi Janice,
Just don’t turn loose of the wing and keep on praying , He’s listening ?
The Doctor is going to have to cut and scrape my right thumb again teusday ? Getting tired of hurting and sore fingers ?
Blessings and wishing you have a good Lord’s day

Hey, Bro. Ron. We missed you yesterday. I’m sory to hear you are still having trouble with your thumb. We will definitely be praying for you. If you need me for anything, just let me know.

Morning Bro. Gordon,
I missed everybody too ! It was another one of those days ? My right thumb started acting up again last teusday and just about hurt and throbed since then ? I go back to the doctor tomorrowfor a routine check on my fingers and I guess he’l be supprised to know he’l have to redo my thumb ?



Felisol said...

Dear Ron,
I am praying for your thumb,
that it may be healed once and for all.
From Felisol

passing-thru said...

So sorry for this long trial that has befallen U , Amazing Grace Ron

Trials certainly come in all sizes -- from a toothache to a loss in the family ---

Remembering U brother Ron

ron said...

Hi Felisol and PT.,

Thank ya'll very much for your continued prayers ? I read about " JOB " this weekend and the more I read it got me to thinking that we inherited these difficultys from " Job " and HE continues to teach us and keep us close to Him ?


Terry said...

Oh! So nice to hear that sweet Georgian voice amazing grace man!...Love Terry