Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Older and Wiser

If we've got the date right, today is Lauren-Mary's birthday. Terry has already baked her a cake and we certainly appreciate the hard work that Terry puts into these birthday celebrations.

Lauren-Mary, Happy Birthday! Don't be a stranger to Pilgrim Pals. We love to hear from you. Let us know how we can pray and we will keep you before the Father. Blessings, friend!

~ David and all the Pals


passing-thru said...


Vicki said...

A very happy & blessed birthday to you, Lauren Mary!

Lauren-Mary said...

Thanks for posting this David, and thanks PT and vicki for the birthday wishes. I'm so blessed to have all the Pals!
I'm definitely older (23 is no spring chicken!), but I'm hoping I'll be wiser to!
I'll post an update soon. The summer just flew by- I can't believe it's fall already!

Thanks again for the birthday wishes!!

Terry said...

Happy birthday TODAY Lauren-Mary.
You are our own sweet pilgrim spring chicken....Ha!...Love Terry

Vicki said...

LOL...you ARE a spring chicken, too, pretty lady...at least compared to some of us (speak for myself, eh?)

love & hugs to all,