Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sending Birthday Greetings Overseas To Serina

Serina from the far side of the sea is twenty one years old.
Happy Birthday sweet Serina from all of your Mom Felisol's Pilgrim Pals!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everything happens for a reason...

Hello Pals!!

Today at work one of my students told me a story and all I could think was "I have to share this on Pilgrim Pals!". It's such a great story of how God is always in control. One of my students, Frank, is a Christian and recently retired. He's been putting together all his notes on his Bible studies onto his computer and I've been helping him with formatting, etc. He's very interesting to talk to and we've had some great conversations. Today I was telling him about how I've been worrying about my job situation again, seeing as my current contract is over soon. This prompted him to share this story: Frank and his wife own a motor home and they were looking forward to travelling to Florida for all of February. Only a few hours into their drive, they realized that the motor home was breaking down, and they had to pull over, where they realized that the motor home needed massive repairs. Frank called the company, and found out that there was only 2 weeks left on his warranty, which saved him from paying a six thousand dollar repair bill. Then, only a few days later his basement flooded, and since he wasn't able to go on his trip he was home when it happened and was able to stop a lot of the water. He said that when the motor home first started to break down he was praying that it would be fixed easily, however if God had answered that prayer, by the time he returned from his trip he would have been stuck paying the repair bill, AND paying for the repairs to a severely flooded basement. Moral of the story: trust God, especially in hard times. Interesting story, isn't it!?!

Frank's story really hit home for me tonight when I got home from work. There was a message for me from a company that I had had an interview at a few weeks ago. Are you ready for some GREAT news??? I have a been offered a full time, permanent my field!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been offered the position of Program Coordinator for a not-for-profit company in Ottawa that works to promote physical activity and leadership in sports. I interviewed for the position and was really nervous because I desperately wanted it, but I didn't think I'd get it. Since the position is in Ottawa, I'll be moving back in two weeks. I'm excited now, but I'm sure in the next day or two panic will set in..hahaha!!

God bless!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sorry for the alarm......everything disappeared but now it's back! Weird.

What happened!!

I posted something and everything disappeared???


Busy Bee

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time. Just didn't have much to post, but thought I'd give a quick update. I recently began an 18 week out-patient program at a local hospital for people who are living through depression/anxiety, and just complete emotional and physical "breakdowns". It is an excellent program, with wonderful health care professionals. The group meets for 5 hours on Mondays and Wednesdays - I'm learning all kinds of good stuff. And, of course I still meet every couple weeks with really good counsellor. My relationship with God is in tack and I am so grateful to Him for this time off with Benefits to heal my mind, body and spirit. This, I'm sure, is all preparation for future ministry. Sometimes God has to let us burnout in-order to build us back up to what He desires - but we have to be pliable in His hands.
Little Missionary

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today is Saija's Birthday!

Saija is our special and faithful friend.
We wish her a very Happy Birthday.....with all of our love...from all of her pals!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saija's Mother In Law

Many of our Pilgrim Pals know and love our blogging buddy Saija from Manitoba. Her husband Leo's mother died the other day and Saija posted the following report. Please keep Leo and Saija in your prayers over the next few days. THANK YOU! - David

Note: That's Leo with his parents...a long time ago.

Saija writes:

leo's sister called this morning with the sad news that their mom had died ... she was 84 ...

we were expecting it ... yet to hear that she is now gone was still a surprise ... it has been many years since we last saw her ... she lived on the east coast and leo doesn't travel those distances anymore ...

leo had prayed that he might get one more chance to speak to her about the Lord ... to share his faith ... and the Lord was so very gracious in answering that request ... just this tuesday past, his sister had called from the nursing home and held the phone to his mom's ear while leo talked, prayed and even sang to her ... his sister said, "whatever you are saying to her, keep talking, she is moving her arm and her eyes are shining" ... so leo continued to talk about Jesus ... his mom had had a stroke and couldn't respond verbally ... she just made sounds ...

since i have started blogging, leo's eldest sister has died, as well as his dad ... now his mom ...

the verse "weeping may endure the night, but joy comes in the morning ... " does apply at these times in our lives ... death doesn't have to be the final goodbye ... heaven holds many surprise reunions - in the morning ....
* * * * * *
a little maria update - they were able to stabilize her again ... she is resting comfortably in the hospital ... let's hope they don't release her until she is stronger ...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Excruciating Pain

UPDATE...Sorry, Pals, this posting was made by the Pilgrim Father, David. THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS. Pray that I'll get some sleep tonight. THANKS! - David

Dear Pals:

It's early in the morning and I need the prayers of our special Pilgrim Pals. My left hip has been giving me a lot of problems for the past week or two especially during the night. When I tried getting out of bed a few minutes ago the pain was excruciating. Now that's a word I've never used to describe my own pain in the past. My left leg seems to lock and I can't bend it. The pain is in the hip joint. Yesterday I found it hard to walk at all.

Next week I'll have to get an appointment to see a specialist but right now I'm consulting with the Creator asking Him for His perspective, His prescription, His pain-killers and His peace.

Please pray that this pain is only temporary and that relief will come SOON.

Thank you, dear pals!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hi Pals

I took the liberty to change the
background to a more seasonal one.
I hope all the Pals like it.

Happy Birthday!!

Hey all, I was just posting to see if you can comment and wish my sister, Deanna, a happy 19th birthday!!
Thank-you so much!
Love you deanna,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ooh what a song!

Listen to this sweet angel sing this song.

It will warm your heart

Posted by Amrita

Friday, February 6, 2009

Prayers for our Montreal Family

Would you join with me?

our Montreal family is in need of prayer...
all are sick with colds, fevers, chills....
they are blessed with loving neighbors and freinds
helping them with the various household tasks...

please keep them in your prayers


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Amrita's Mother

Proverbs 11:16
"A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches."

Proverbs 4:18
"The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Laura

Happy Birthday to a dear fellow Pilgrim Pal....Laura!
We love you much.......Love from David and all his Pilgrim Pals........