Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Hey all, I was just posting to see if you can comment and wish my sister, Deanna, a happy 19th birthday!!
Thank-you so much!
Love you deanna,



Hap...hap...happy birthday Deanna.
You are such a pretty girl. Have a lovely celebration.

From Amrita

~Tori~ said...

Happy birthday, Deanna! We love you!

Vicki said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY to you, Deanna! Have a wonderful, special birthday, and a blessed year ♥

Felisol said...

Happy birthday and God's blessings to lovely Deanna!
From Felisol

David Warren Fisher said...

Happy Birthday, Deann! Hope you have a great day. Your sisters are such a blessing to us here at Pilgrim Pals.

Terry said...

She IS lovely Felisol and the girls ARE a blessing indeed David!
Happiest of birthdays dear Deanna!
The English name "Deanna" means "Girl From The Valley"
Oh to be nineteen again! God bless you and your sisters, Tori and Nikki..Love Terry