Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For LPP and LMG

Dear LPP and LMG...

I am thinking of you...praying for you...
sending huge hugs your way....

I pray you always know how much you are loved
by all your pals that gather here and pray for
you and your family....

Terry, Passing-thru,
Felisol, Vicki, David, Jel, Laura, Lauren,
Saija, Pilot Mom, Julie, Julie C., Ron, Jim, Amrita...

Mrs. Butler


Felisol said...

Dear Donna Pilgrim,
still praying for your sister.
Thanks to you and the LMG for being wake guardsmen on our Pilgrim road.
It is so reassuring and in fact also encouraging to know we are walking with such burning fellows.
Love you, each and every one.
From Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

thank you, mrs. butler! ;) you made me smile on this hard day!! (((hugs)))

love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

hi pals!

Terry said...

Dear Little Pilgrim Pal and Little Montreal Girl. It was so nice to hear from you last night!
You are truly dear Pilgrim Pals!...Love Terry

passing-thru said...

YES -- A BIG AMEN to Donna's post

To U two girls and your family , a big hearty Christian hug and to remind U that your not far from our thoughts --- we know that this has been a "hard" year for U all ----------

Donna and Terry are such good friend's of yours ------