Sunday, September 28, 2008

Greater Vision LIVE...TONIGHT

Here is some late-breaking news regarding my favourite Southern Gospel group, Greater Vision. They are appearing LIVE tonight at David Jeremiah's church in Southern California and the concert will be broadcast on the internet.

Here's the announcement I received from Greater Vision:

Watch Greater Vision's
"Live" Concert

Sunday September 28, 2008


We just learned that our concert at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California tonight will be broadcast "live" on the internet!

If you live in Southern California and can make it to the concert, we'll see you there! However, if you don't live close enough to join us in person, you can watch the concert on Shadow Mountain's website beginning at 6pm (Pacific Time).

Broadcast times for other US time zones would be...
9pm (Eastern)
8pm (Central)
7pm (Mountain)

To see the live broadcast, click on the picture at the top of this email, then click "Watch Live", or visit the church's website at
and follow the links to "view our services".

We've already had two wonderful services today with Dr. David Jeremiah and the wonderful folks at Shadow Mountain, so we're expecting tonight to be really special. Join us "live" if you can!


Gerald Wolfe
Greater Vision

Note: You may not check our Pilgrim Pals blog in time to catch this concert but perhaps some of you will be fortunate enough.

Blessings, fellow Pals!



Terry said...

Dear David...It is so wonderful!
While I am typing this letter to you, I have MY favourite group on too!
Oh I just wish that Little Missionary Julie's speakers were working on her computer.
That first song is really good and the other one, "God Will Pass At The Right Time".
So so good David! I am glad that you posted this because even though I had the message too when I was finally able to open my email, I clicked on to the web site that you had here in your post and got it sooner.
Do you remember David that this group is why I ever wrote to you the first time and the rest is history, eh? Terry

Hey David that Gerald is using the same joke about the rainbow that the base guy from Danny Fundirburk's group Perfect Heart used!...ha!!

Vicki said...

Thanks, David. I missed the concert but hope you enjoyed it!