Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Betty's Progress And An Update

Update...Betty was not given the pace maker today and just this evening, the doctor told her the risks of having it. He said that it would be bad if she got infection and also there would be the risk of puncturing her lung from where they have to put it. She is a little afraid but she seems to be wanting to comfort Rachel and the rest of the family more than worrying about herself. We all really need your continued prayers...Thanking you as best as I can....Love Terry

Betty is recovering from the operation, but just yesterday, they told her that she would be probably getting a pace maker put in today.
As of yet, she is still waiting to go in for this.
The doctor has to wait until he can get time in between others that were already booked.
Betty does not seem to be too worried about this.
Her son Matthew had a pace maker put in just months ago and it has been doing him good.
Betty's heart beat was 150 yesterday when she went for a little walk with Rachel and me[twenty feet at the most!]
I will keep you updated as how this minor operation goes.
I am going down in an hour with John and Little John to Hamilton.
My brother, Teddy is down visiting from Iowa and Betty will be so glad to see him!

Thanks again for your continued prayer!......Love Terry

PS Betty has given me the name of the Hamilton doctor who specializes in Myotonic Dystrophy and I am going to ask my own doctor tomorrow, if he can refer me to him. Thanks for your nagging Felisol..Ha!! We are going to have to call you the Pilgrim Pal's mother hens, you and that Donna!


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
if your Mom were healthier she would have been nagging. Now she is mostly concerned about her own disabilities, I guess.
If it may help me keep my friend up and going, I certainly will keep on not minding only my own business.
I am glad that you finally found time to thing abouot yourself for one minute.
It stil reminds to see that you actually walk in the door of that specialist you should have been seeing ages ago.
I think I do better praying some more.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Nag all you want Felisol!!
That is what I like about you.
You care for all of us.
You are always telling your pilgrim father to not worry...Ha! Terry

I am waiting for Little John and the his Robin Hood buddies to pick me up so we can go and see a lady in distress "Lady Betty"...Ha! Just kidding ! Betty will be in fine shape I think.

passing-thru said...

Thanks for the update Terry --

Soooooo Felisol is nagging heh

Terry Felisol Donna and Pilot Mom and Vicki not to mention Lil M and those Montreal Girls --- a band of women , one for all and all for one ---


Little Montreal Girl said...

What are you saying about us Passing-Thru? It's good to see you back, you disapeared for a bit!

byhisgracealone said...

Terry pleasse let Betty know I have been praying for her and she has been in my thoughts throughout my day...i have been sharing her with my sister and her family and we are praying for her from va. I am praying you are well....Terry...


Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Pals,
Sad to hear about Betty.
Hope that everything will turn out for the best for her. I am confident it will.
Donn & her sister also have top priority.
Just yesterday night when I prayed for LPP & LMG I wondered how it went with the sale of their van, how they cope financially and with their huge loss.
So nice seing you LMG.
passing-thru I see many times a week all over the Pilgrim world.
Even if his younger than me, I think of him as my spiritual big-brother. Chopping wood for the fire, being there with his Mag-lite when times are dark.
Whisper words of wisdom and mostly with a glimpse in his eye.
Now I'm off with my hiker friends. Just had to check in on my church first.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Praying that the doctors may have good news for Betty and that she may be on the road to recovery soon.

passing-thru said...

Have been here LMG , mostly commenting -- in the shadows for a bit ---------- yes, U and your sister and Amrita , Vicki , Claire, Donna , Jel , Lil M , Felisol -- U women of "THE WAY" -- too many trials these days to be teasing of brooms, strawberries, picture stealing etc. ---

I come home tired each day, but so do most of US - except for LMG and LPP , they have more energy than all of us put together --

Vicki said...

I've got my 6 yr.old granddaughter here so haven't always been able to leave a comment, as she keeps me busy, but I've been praying up a storm! (She is also praying)

Sending hugs to everyone,