Monday, September 1, 2008


Reflecting abit here -- quite the world we live in -- the more things change , the more they stay the same -- as they say " Nothing new under the sun" and yet it is new -- we have never been down this road before , each day is a totally new one -- Our "walk" is one day closer to the prize , the enemy if anything grows stronger, , more things to lure us away , except for persecuted Christians in China or India or any place other than America -- here we have no persecution, just indifference and affluence , these two things are more insidious than open hostility to the Gospel ----

My daughter just gave me this web site -- good stuff

Have a good evening "pals"



Saija said...

good points ...
and food for thought & prayer.

passing-thru said...

Hi Saija --- thanks for the input -how is your world doing Saija and how is Leo doing --

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru...I am still working on clearing my computer out so that it will not run so slow.
I still have a lot to do. I must find the time to finish my sister's birthday post!
We really missed you when you weren't here for a couple of days!
Saija, I am going to try and catch up to you too, I promise!
Love Terry..

passing-thru said...

Terry -- everyone is busy and has things to do ------ posting in here or commenting has it's place in the scheme of things --
U are one of the busiest people -- we need to take time and smell the roses --
I have looked out the window on the last full moon and did not see any "brooms" flying by -- now don't U and Donna get all up in a "frizzy" over such a "harmless" remark ----- chuckle snicker --

Little Montreal Girl said...

Mrs. Shirkie--- I have the roses you need to smell, they are growing in numbers in my garden.

Passing-Thru--- The brooms are here. I used one today. And if I saw correctly, one just flew by my house! Oh no, I'm scared! :)

Little Montreal Girl

Terry said...

Yes Little Montreal Girl
I do believe that I DID see Donna flying by but I haven't had time for that. I have been using Bernie's broom to clean out my computer. It is not a pretty sight and it will be the frosty Friday that I ever let it get this bad again, eh?...Ha!!

What a jip though! Passing-thru finally gets a day off and I haven't even any time to write to him!!!
Hey Donna!..if you fly by his place can you at least give him a wave for me and to Little Montreal Girl and little Pilgrim Pal too, and if you get as far as my beloved Manitoba maybe you can blow Saija and Leo a kiss from the Canadian blogger who used to be a Manitoba Gopher!....Love Terry

passing-thru said...

lol --------- good comments

nice to see U LMG

wait till donna sees these remarks about her and her broom --

saying a big hello to Vicki and Felisol and how r u doing Amrita , a different world for U there in India -- thinking of U --

byhisgracealone said...

Ha !! I bought a new one today...with a GPS !!! HA ! How about that ???? Uptown and out of sight eh ??? And guarantees me the quickest route to all YOUR homes !!

plus it's bigger (seats three) in case Terry or passing-thru want to join me!!!! HA !


passing-thru said...

LOL ---------- u r cracking me up again Donna - gps no less

and whats this uptown jazz ?
like "totally groovey" "fab to the max" or "where's it at" "keeping it real" -- hmmm, shall we go on ? - nah --

Where can I buy a 3 seater Broom ?