Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Canadian Friendship Day

Today was Canada Day here.
First of all Terry called me. It was such a thrill and delight to talk to you Terry. And I instantly felt better.
We are like Global Neighbours now.

The afternoon post brought Saija 's post card . And I was so happy to be tangibly in touch with my friend and sister in Christ.

Oh I wish I could do something tangible for all of you Pals. .. like cook a nice non-spicy Indian meal for you.

We are one in the Spirit
We are one in the Lord
as the song goes.


passing-thru said...

Thanks Amrita --- yes , a NON-SPICY Indian meal -- lol

Blessings on U Amrita

Amrita said...

There are lots of western adaptions of our Indian food, not too spicy for the western palate