Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prayers For Treasured Friends......

My friend shall forever be my friend
and reflect a ray of God to me.
Henry David Thoreau

Please Keep Betty in your prayers.....see post below

before I sign off for the afternoon, I wanted
to ask all the Pals to be praying for Julie,
(Lil M).....she has an interview tomorrow,
Friday at 1:15....Julie I am praying our Lords
guidance, comfort and wisdom;

Also....for those of us needing an extra dose of
His encouragement and lifting up...for no
specific reason or moments
of loneliness, confusion, concern over
friends, family, relationships lost.....

Saija and Leo, Felisol and Gunner, Serina,
Terry, passing thru, David and Carol, Mrs. Fisher,
Julie, Julie C. Lauren, Laura, Vicki, Jel, Pilot Mom,
Amrita, for Ron's healing, Jim, Rodney, and last but not

for LPP and LMG....and their precious brothers, sister and Mom....
they are as family to me.....

I am off to the airport...

love to all.


passing-thru said...

Thankyou Donna --- Blessings on U

Felisol said...

Dear Donna,
your heart is bigger than a barn.
Thank you for letting me and my family having a place in it.
I am still praying for all of the Pilgrims, for Betty, Julie and the two little sisters in particular.
I am praising God for passing-thru, Terry, Donna and David , and for our very strong and blessed congregation.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Thank you Donna for all of these prayer request reminders

Bernie and I just left Betty and she is quite comfortable. The blood tests showed that she had no heart damage but her doctor is sending her to Hamilton Hospital where they wail give her an angiogram and possibly put in a stint.
Thank you for all of your prayers....Love Terry

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Dear Terry, glad to hear Betty's heart isn't damaged. I pray all goes well in Hamilton.

Thanks Donna for including me on the pray list. I do have an interview Friday afternoon.


jel said...

morning ,

how is your sister Terry?

hope y'all have a blessed weekend