Friday, September 21, 2007


Thankyou Terry , I just sent U an email and then came to "pals" and seen this --
"Let us take ahold of the "horns" of the Altar " God wants us to "wrestle" to be "strong" to declare HIS GOODNESS and FAITHFULNESS "
This was the "comment" I just left under Terry's thoughtful post ----
YES, I was MIA for the day or so -------- makes me think of the scriptures, if I hide under the sea or in a cave THOU finds me there ----- lol ----
God is good ------- "Let us faint not" -- "Be Strong in the POWER OF HIS MIGHT"
LORD BLESS each and every one ------ Many of us have been praying for the needs -- Jim, Richard, Arlene, Minerva, Heather, Heb and her dad -- the spouses , Claire, Vicki, Barry --

We have not taken a "SINGLE STEP" without God's knowledge of it , that alone should help us in comfort --- If HE SENT HIS SON to die while we were still sinners and sinning, what GREAT ASSURANCE that is in KNOWING of HIS LOVE for us. PROOF POSITIVE of HIS INVOLVEMENT in our struggles, our sickness, our finances ---

Please take "heart" - the fears are still there, HE said I will BE THERE in the middle of your fears and your unknowns ----LORD BLESS our struggling Christian Pals ---



Felisol said...

Dear passing-thru,
good post again.
I am only poorly familiar with the American way of everyday speech.
I had to crawl my way through gooogle to wikipedia to find that MIA minght mean Missing In Action.
Do you know, I love and repect you even more, knowing you have your own combats to fight while
following your sheep, the PP every day.
I want to share a story from my father, ( I've always quoted him, to that extent that a man sourly asKed, "tell me, do you father have wings?" when I was nineteeen.)
My grandma died when my father was 14. Grandpa worked like a slave to keep his buscompany and taxi aflota during the depression in the thirties. There was no money for education for the children, even my father was the best in his school, stright As.
Father worked hard for ten years to gather money for education.
His dream was to become a construction engeneer. Bridges and taming waterfalls for power plants.
He had to cut his studies short because of a disabeling migraine he had be blessed with sice he was five.
He got his degree in trade and accounting, and loving numbers he ended as chief cassier on a factory with thousand emploees.
I asked him if he was bitter that God, who easily could have healed him, did not do so.
He smiled, he had thought threw and long time ago fought this battle.
"Well, kitten, " he said,"if I had been able to use my gifts and abilties the way I planned, it might well have happened that I would not have needed God anymore.
I might have become proud and selfish, only wanting to create things for my pwn benefit.
Now I need God every day, What God does, is well done."
I think the Pals have a lot to give and share, because the need God, have tried him, and found help and comfort in right time.
Thanks for words of tried wisdom,
PT Bob.
Yours Felisol

Pilot Mom said...

Glad you are out from under the rocks. ;) You have indeed been missed dear brother in the Lord!

Felisol, I'm so glad you shared about the "MIA" word. I'll try to remember you and offer explanations when I use things like that in my posts. Thanks for sharing. (((Felisol)))

Terry said...

Dear Felisol and Pilot-mom.
I never knew what MIA meant either,
I thought it was somthing that David and Passing-thru invented!

Well what is good for the goose is good for the gander!
This just had to be done and if that Pilgrim David doesn't appear more often..HE is going to get it too!!!

My Felisol, that was such a moving story about your dad.
It reminded me of the stories that Corrie ten Boom used to tell about her dad.
I just wonder what your dad and Passing-thru's dad are talking about now?!

Oh by the way Pilot-mom, as I was searching through the comments on Pilgrim Pals, I came across the comment by you.
Remember when I told you the kiss that you blew me couldn't make it across the Canadian border?
Well your comment told me that you re-sent one by Pilot and I was wondering where THAT came from!
Safely delivered!
Flown right over the border!
I will send you a cyber hug back in return!!!Love Terry

jel said...

Thank you Felisol,
for sharing about your dad,

and I love to read a bout Corrie tenBoom, and the movie they made about her was AWEsome!

hi sweet T, & Mom P

passing-thru said...

Thanks for all the comments !

I guess with Terry on your heels, there is no hiding --- so I guess looking around for another small rock to hide under won't do me any good HEH Pilot Mom ---any news on Jim ? ----
Thanks Jel and Felisol -- I too enjoy Real Testimonies of Real People --
Yes, we all have our struggles from time to time -- BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL -- I like that verse, even if we are not faithful , HE IS

When we make it to Heaven's gate, it will ALL be , because of Jesus and the Faithfulness of the Holy Spirit ------

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi, Pals!

I probably won’t be on here till later on on Sunday…Please pray that this Yom Kippur we will be a light and a witness to the Jews who live around us. They will be attending a service tonight, and one tomorrow morning, to ask God that their names might be written in the Book of Life. Praise God! We know our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, but they have not seen the Truth and the Life yet. Please pray that their eyes may be opened. Last year, although we were invited, we did not attend the services, because we DO KNOW our names are written, but this year we are attending as an opening to be able to speak with them about it later…

God bless you all. Since I might not be on here tomorrow, I will tell you now Have a blessed Sunday!

God bless you all,

passing-thru said...


Felisol said...

Dear passing-thru,
I am ashamed that my comment earlier this day is flooded with spelling faults.
I was writing while preparing wok'ed chicken and veggies, running to and fro the stove and itchen table.
My mind was entirely focused on the contents, not the spelling, so I published my comments without even reading through the text.
(I did not even try to only store it, and work further on after dinner.)
Bom - bang. Guess my name should be Martha-Mary instead of
Felisol On The Far Side Of The Sea

Terry said...

I never even noticed any spelling errors Frlisol.
Now don't you go and take TAHT title from me.
I am the worse speeller in hte blog world. Just ask Curieous Servant!!!..Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Hmm, Terry, I taught I was da worstest spellerr in hair -- waht maiks U tink yourr da worstest spellerr ?

Pilot Mom said...

hey...spelin? I'm done got me edumacated! ;)

Don't worry about the spelling! It's the thoughts that count and your thoughts Felisol were grand.

Terry said...

Yeh Passing-thru!
Good thing Pilot-mom caught you making that whopper of a spelling error this week!
Guess Felisol amd Pilot-mom and I should not feel so bad after all!
YOU are the champion!

Hint...The only commet you got from me about that Passing-thru was, Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicki said...

Sending big hugs and big prayers!

passing-thru said...

LOL -- Terry , Claire, Felisol, notice how Vicki used proper spelling --- U guys need to need to learn to pro-nunciate
flatualate (webster)
then U will be able to GRADUATE
from this "ACME" SCHOOL OF HIGHER LEARNING -------------

Terry said...

Passing-threw...You are way to funnie!!!Terrrrry.......

passing-thru said...

Smiling at U , Terry

Pilot Mom said...


Sounds like an XCELLENT school to me! ;D

passing-thru said...

Clarie -- Accronymn , I think its called -- VERY GOOD --
Whenever I hear of Acme, I think of the road runner cartoons - lol

Pilot Mom said...

ACME---I too think of the roadrunner! LOL! Fun!

Vicki said...

You all crack me up....LOL..