Friday, September 28, 2007

Catching Up

Good morning, pals! Thought I better get you caught up on what's been happening the last few days and what's ahead this weekend.

We had our first MONDAY WE HAVE FISH chapel service with the PETERBOROUGH PETES on Monday evening. 21 of the 24 guys on the roster came out. We had a great evening! Please pray for me as I build new relationships with the rookies on the team.

Today (Friday) I'll be at the ballpark in Toronto (The Rogers Centre) to say my "good byes" to my friends on the Toronto Blue Jays. Tomorrow I'll be going back with some friends who were promised a trip to the ballpark early in the season. It took me this long to be able to keep my promise.

Sunday morning I'm preaching at Keswick Christian Church about an hour from home. I'm looking forward to that opportunity.

Monday morning I leave by train for Montreal for the annual Hockey Ministries International Staff Conference which runs until Wednesday at noon. A relaxing train ride will bring me back home again on Wednesday evening just in time to get to work at Christian Horizons.

I'll be taking my laptop and my camera with me so I'll try to post a few times while I'm in Montreal. Thanks for your prayers.

Carol and I are almost ready to put our home up for sale. I'm still struggling with the whole idea but I'm trusting God to do something great once we are in motion.

Be assured of my love and prayers, dear ones!

Standing with you,

~ David, the Pilgrim

P. S. Thanks LPP. The "care" package arrived yesterday! And, everything was in the envelope the last time...if you know what I mean. THANKS!


Terry said...

Dear David... it is a really hard job catching up.
I am trying to do that myself.
Really, really hard, eh?....Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Then if everything was in there...was that a miracle that I still had something???? Praise the Lord, because that was the coolest miracle I ever witnessed!!!

Enjoy your time in Montreal, and take LOTS of photos, because it is beautiful here. This morning we crossed the bridge, and the autumn-colored trees were reflecting on the still was enough to take one's breath away!

God bless you,

David Warren Fisher said...


I'm thrilled that God performed that miracle. Can you tell me where the bookstore owned by the Brethren people is located. Is it in downtown Montreal?

Have a good and godly weekend!

In His love,