Friday, September 28, 2007


No time to "build" a post - just some quick words to my friends -
Enjoyed hearing Heb say in a comment - "Lets pray more , we have needs" and Pick up the Challenge ------- GOOD STUFF , LPP
Susanwalkergirl , always, always nice to read your posts or comments - A blessing !
Claire, easy for me to say but DECLARE your loving trust in your loving God as U have been for all these weeks (If "we" could see our Father, actually see HIM thru an open window, looking right into your eyes with a "look of don't worry, I KNOW whats taking place here" as the doctor is saying, "I don't know whats next, we are not sure of whats causing Jim's condition", I think that would help "us" in saying GOD is INVOLVED here and I will "walk" by faith in HIM , one day at a time. {easy for me to say} - just trying to help, encourage , Claire --
Donna , what a blessing U are to us --- continue on , continue on .
Terry, Rest in HIM for your dad as U have done -- "Pilgrims, dad Golden for Oct 3rd. plus salvation .
Heb, we remember this saturday morning -- Lord bless .
Jel , thankyou for your prayers and encouragement -----
Saija, seeker of truth and a blessing to us -- for U and Leo we do remember
Vicki, blessings on U and Richard --------trusting U are sleeping well at nite --------
Lil M , trusting U are doing ok with the Lord --- HE is faithful --
David , we hope your puters get fixed and that we start to see U more in here - keep us informed brother ------- we "need" one another -- praying for U , David - Lord Bless ------
Felisol , what a blessing U are to us -- trusting Serina is doing better ---
Terry - A SPECIAL THANKYOU for being such a good friend to so many of us in here -

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Terry said...

What a precious bundh of poeple Passing-thru!.......Terry