Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Update on Pilot Dad

Please forgive my absence. It's just I have had nothing new to report about Pilot Dad. He is no better, even with a third medicine being added. We go back to the doctor (radiologist) tomorrow, even by MY time. ;)

He has tried to work tonight. I don't know if he will last the full four hours. It is around 12:30 am here and he is not home yet so I tend to think he will last it out till 2:00 am. My prayer is for safety in driving home.

Something has to be done. I am at my wits end. It would be a relief to me to hospitalize him but I know they do not want to do that unless absolutely necessary. If he loses any more weight I think they WILL think it necessary.

In the meantime, I keep focused on Christ. I continually remind myself of His faithfulness in all circumstances. There has never been a time when He has NOT been faithful. Over and over again in my mind I meditate on His Word which reminds me of His faithfulness. His mercy. His tender care. His great wisdom. His unmatchable power. His great love. His healing touch. His grace which He so richly pours out. The list goes on. Thankfully it goes on.

It has never been more apparent to me how we are like dust...or a vapor which quickly fades. Life is too tenuous. So so precious. Why do we not value it more? Why do we not live as if today is our last day? That today, we could look up in the clouds and see Christ returning. No, so often we go our merry way, oblivious to what the Lord has ahead of us. Anything 'negative' will happen to someone else. Never to us! Oh how sad when we do not live in light of eternity.

Father, I thank you and praise you for being Almighty God, my great Jehovah, my eternal King, Lord and Savior! With You there is nothing impossible. You make flat the mountains, you dry up the water, you bring the water up, you cause the grass to wither, the flowers to flourish. Oh Lord, there is nothing which escapes your eye and nothing which happens without your consent.

Lord, I pray for wisdom for the doctors. Help them, guide them, to be able to make a diagnosis, Lord. Touch Jim's body and begin the healing process. Bring him home safely tonight Lord. May your hand be upon his body. In Your Son's Precious Name I pray. Amen.

Pilot Mom


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hello Pilot mom, your words and pray really touch my heart, especially about life and how we act so oblivious to what the Lord has ahead and not living in light of eternity - that's me so often. And it makes me think also of those I know who are lost souls - like Todd - so oblivious to God. I spoke to Todd recently and he doesn't believe in God (at least he is pretty sure there is no God - that was his words) - how sad that he is so blind.

I'm praying for Pilot Dad.

Love you,

Julie (LM)

passing-thru said...

I had just emailed U on how PD was doing Claire and then came to "pals" and seen this post --
YES , your God HAS brought U people thru so many times and as U said , HE IS FAITHFUL and your testimony , so well said, has already blessed, others as well as me and for sure , GOD.
Am praying that the "turn in the road" is just ahead , and as U round the bend , U and PD will be able to see "all of this" behind U.
Thankyou for this RICH POST, it spoke of faithfulness .

Terry said...

Dear Pilot-mom
Yes I emailed you too and was wondering how Pilot-dad was.
I see now why you didn't answer because he is not any better but at least we know now that we will pray even harder not only for him but for strength you..
We will be doing that continually Claire....Love Terry

jel said...


did ya get my e-mail?


prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

I will keep you and Pilot Dad in my prayers.

Little Montreal Girl

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear PilotMom,

Thank you for your update. What a beatiful prayer...a hearty AMEN from me to it.

May God give you His strength, and cover you with His peace.

Love and Prayers,

Pilot Mom said...

Jel, it's been awhile since I received an email from you. So, no, not recently. I always enjoy your "fly-by" hugs! ;)

Julie, it is sad that he is blinded by the enemy. Keep praying for the Lord to send a strong Christian man to make friends with Todd.

I received both of your emails Bob and Terry. Last night when I read Terry's I was convicted that I hadn't shared any new news. Then when I read Bob's email this morning I was glad I had posted. :)

Bob, I'm in agreement with you, the sooner we can turn the corner and look back won't be soon enough for me! I must sound like a broken record but that's okay because He truly HAS been faithful.

Blessings on EVERYONE'S day today.

Felisol, if you drop in thank you for your sweet comment over at my place. I love the "pearls in my necklace!" So descriptive! And, yes, we are a tough companionship! :) We continue to pray for Serina's healing and for you and Gunnar.

Here is a HUGE ((((((group hug))))) to all the Pals!!!

jel said...

just zaped ya one! :)

Felisol said...

Dear Pilot Mom,
I always drop in here at the Pilgrim Pals.
Gotta see how my feloow wandrerers are doing.
Praying for you all.
Yours Felisol

Vicki said...

Still praying, & hugs, Vicki