Monday, September 17, 2007

A New Day

This morning I drive in to Toronto to see an infectious disease specialist regarding my cellulitis. I'm still taking antibiotics orally and we're trying to get to the bottom of the problem and, hopefully, eradicate this condition from my system. Thanks for your prayers, dear pals!

On Wednesday I'm going with Matthew and his Grade 7 class on their camping trip to Silent Lake (sounds nice doesn't it). We'll be gone until Friday afternoon. No internet access there.

Please pray that the weather will be warmer and that we won't freeze in the wild outdoors. Ha! Ha!

Father, encourage each of the Pilgrim Pals today. Remind them of your constant love and care. Meet their every need through Your Son Jesus. AMEN!

~ David


Anonymous said...

sounds like fun, have a great time!


Anonymous said...

I ment to say, hope they can clear that up for you!

and that you have a grat time with your son, on thetrip! :)


Terry said...

Maybe Pilot-mom could spare you a little of her warm weather David.
She needs it for cleaning out the garage but I think the boys need it more, eh?

Praying for you as you visit the doctor today...from Terry

Pilot Mom said...

Oh I would be MORE than willing to share our beautiful weather with David and the class! However by Wenesday we have a change due in and there will definitely be a nip in the air.

Meanwhile, I'm praying for wisdom for the doctor. May the Lord guide him in his care for, helping the doctor to find the source of your problem and then treat it effectively.

May He give you peace, as you wait during this time.

LauraMae said...

Ohh Silent Lake, was just there last weekend, its very nice, very 'silent', lots of great scenery and deer and bears!

have fun!!