Thursday, September 13, 2007


Just got home from work --
Saija said earlier in a comment, that Leo did feel better and that is great -- We did pray for Saija and Leo and Claire and Jim .
So many needs from God's people -- if possible, please continue to hold on --
I like what Claire said early this morning when she mentioned PD , she said , pray that I "STAY GLUED" to CHRIST -
- isn't that what all this is about -- I think it is
With deepest love in Christ, we are praying for the Saija and Leo's, the Claire and Jim's and Vicki and Richards among us -- with tender thoughts we bring U before the Lord.


hebrews 11:1 said...

Glued to Christ...I like that.

I had such a restful day, and got back to work after sundown. I ma tired now. Actually I slept in past 7:30, and was tired by 2! I think I am way overdue on sleep!

My dad comes home tonight, please pray he will mak it back safely. We children joked we would stay up and have a midnght party when he arrived, but I am sure that they are all fast asleep now!

God bless you all,

passing-thru said...


He will come home safely ,

Lord bless your siblings and your folks --

Nite Heb.

hebrews 11:1 said...

Yes, we are TIGHT that's for sure. We all lean on eachother SO much, and stick together as best we can, even if we do disagree with eachother, when push comes to shove, we help eachother out. I was reminded of that yesterday when my brother accompanied me into Future Shop to look at the two cameras I am contemplating. He filled my dad's shoes, since Daddy couln't be there, and gave me his well-thought-out advice. I did not have to make the purchasing decision without my dad (hopefully I'm getting my new cam tomorrow), but nevetheless I got sound advice that made my decision easier, thanks to my brother.

Good night to you, LPP