Monday, September 17, 2007

Prayers For Heather And Minerva And Arlene

Pray for me this week, it is Chemo week (and weekend). I start Thursday Night and end Tuesday Night, so if my posting seems lower than usual, I will be spending this week with my family.Thanks for your prayers -H

Could the Pilgrim Pals please pray for Minerva, also, this Thursday.

She has a PET scan at 2:00 Pm....Thanx....PP Terry

Also for Arlene...this is her prayer reqest..

If you happen to wonder what you can specifically pray for right now for me, I am having quite a bit of pain in my right side. I mentioned it to the doctor and he said it is because the tumors on the lungs have grown. Please pray with us that they will shrink again.
Actually a friend came in to my hospital room last week and was praying and she said that the Lord showed her the tumors everywhere become clear. Just clear. They were gone.
Posted by Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!!



Dearest Arlene,
I am praying for you.
From Felsisol


I am praying for Heather and Minerva too.
From Felisol