Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall Colors

Thanks to our Pilgrim Pal, Lisa J., for this incredible autumn picture.

As much as I hate to see the summer end, I love the colors in the fall.

What an awesome God we serve!


Terry said...

Dear David...It is the 4 th day of fall here and the leaves are just starting to turn.
I hope it will be a while more yet because after they all turn and fall, well that winter will show its head!!
You know how much I love winter, eh David?............NOT!!!
Love Terry

PS...You promised us some pictures of your trip to Silent Lake!

prayingsensfaninmotreal said...

I love this picture Lisa J.! I love tho colors of fall but can't wait for winter. We are all so much more active in the wintertime with hockey, skateing, sledding,and just running and rolling through the snow...not to mention shovleing!

Little Montreal Girl

Vicki said...

I love the fall and everything about it. It's been so hot in Atlanta this summer, that I'm ready for some brisk air!