Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a Vance Havner story

So, if i make my way through this wild, wan, weird world and don't get excited about the nuclear age and the space era, or if I seem bored - and I am - by things that thrill this world, it is for two reasons: the time is short and the fashion of this world is passing away. The time is short, my time and the age near their end. And the fashion, the scheme, of this world is passing away like a movie reel before my eyes. Every news report I watch means to me that the fasion of this age is passing away. The crowds on the streets hurrying from store to store, the traffic bumper to bumper, the United Nations, the politicians, wars and rumors of wars - the fashion of this world is passing away. I'm in it but not of it; I'm a pilgrim and stranger; I'm not a citizen of old Babylon. I'm looking for another City.

Vance Havner, A treasury of Vance Havner.

blessings on your week, pilgrim pals ... saija


passing-thru said...


Thanks so much -- I have heard the name of vance havner -- I will have to look him up -----

U ALWAYS DROP A JEWEL ON US IN "PALS" your a seeker of "truth"

passing-thru said...

Yes on Vance Havner -- just read his bio -- GOOD STUFF

Terry said...

Nice to see you Saija and with such a good post.
I agree with Mr.Havner..
We surely are looking for that city and pray God we will be there soon!!
...Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Yes Terry --- we are So-journers here --- our citizenship is ELSEWHERE -- if only we thought like that and lived like that , not in a "weird" way but looking for a Better Place that He has prepared for us
How is John doing ?

Pilot Mom said...

I think it's wonderful that we are all on the same train going to the same City!! :D

Terry said...

Oh that reminds me of this song we used to sing in Sunday School Pilot-mom..

I'm travelling to a mansion
On the Hallelujah Train
The letters on the engine
Are J E S U S
I heard a Voice from Heaven
And I gladly answerd "Yes"!
I'm going home to Heaven
On the Happy Day Express!
...love Terry

passing-thru said...

Well Claire -- we have gone from "bed bugs" to trains and old songs --

Imagine the THRILL when Jesus we see and loved ones gather around

I LIKE THOSE OLD TIME PREACHERS LIKE VANCE HAVNER -- I remember some old time evangelist visting the little church in 1967 -- they even said back then that the pickings from the barrel were getting mighty slim so far as good annointed preachers -----

Vicki said...

All aboard for Glory!

Wonderful post, Saija.

hebrews 11:1 said...

This is an excellent post, Saija! Thank you for sharing it.

God bless you,

Saija said...

i love the thought of being a pilgrim ... Vance Havner is now with the Lord, his journey complete ...

and we are still on that train, chug chugging along ... next stop - GLORY!