Sunday, September 16, 2007


Purchasing an item from a convience store, I walked out and by the register could see the clerk look out and faintly smile as I walked by. It seemed as if I seen eternity in her face, a plain woman, in her thirties.

The thought flashed thru me as I seen her smile, is she "saved" does she know ? I drove away thinking , I hope she finds Christ as her Lord and Saviour, Eternity looms large in front of her, maybe she is blind to it.

My heart fills at times with love for the lost, what a precious GIFT we have IN CHRIST.



Terry said...

What a precous gift you have Passing-thru....a love in your soul for the lost!
Just like the Lord Himself has...from Terry

Pilot Mom said...

Speaking of the lost, Terry, how is Dad Golden doing?

passing-thru said...

Thanks Terry -- but I like most, fail of all the opportunities that come our way to witness -- the key is praying --
Claire, on the Wheel issue , lol , I got called into work 3 times today (on call 24/7) just before church this morning - at 3 pm and then just after church tonight - lol -- The Master is touching with Grace, being "grateful" takes away the "critical spirit" and HE is blessing me with "gratefulness" - thats where I need to stay - that 2000 year old Cross spans Time and Space and this little heart of mine.

Terry said...

Dear Pilot-mom
Dad Golden seems to be doing alright but he seems very sad these days.
He has to go to Hamilton Oct 3 and I think he msut be worried somewhat with this.
He really enjoyed the anniversary and he was not at all uncomfortable with the Christians.

Thank you all for praying for him...Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

Bob, *laughing* yes, I see it has begun! But then, we knew it would, right? :)

Terry, why don't you ask him if he is worried? If he says it's because of the upcoming medical stuff then you tell him that I know the Source of not worrying. Let him know that I am praying for Christ's peace to settle over Dad Golden, and for His strength to enable him to sail through all the procedures which will be done, AND that I am also praying for a full recovery from the Master Physician. BUT...most of all, I am praying faithfully for Dad Golden to see his need for Christ! I will be so disappointed if we are all at the Wedding Feast and he is not there to share it with us. Besides, I may not get to meet Dad Golden this side of Heaven so I want to make sure he is there (Heaven) so I will get to meet him and introduce him to my Dad, a fellow AForce-er! ;)

passing-thru said...

GOOD STUFF CLARIE on Dad Golden -- plus , Terry, my mom would be glad to talk to him, she has a very fragile heart condition and she now has those two procedures on her neck , one a by-pass 17 years ago and a stent recently in her neck -- she would gladly call and encourage him --------