Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The Presence of God brings Blessings - 1 chronicles 13:13-14 King David leaves the ark with Obed-edom and for 3 months , Obed is blessed beyond degree --
Blessings come in many forms and we have the Assurance of His Presence, we are a blessed people pilgrim pals ------

Can U imagine , how many people would love to have had the "ark" stay with them for 3 months

On the study of the tabernacle there is much "meat" about this ark -- We have THE ARK OF HIS PRESENCE, THE ARK OF SAFETY - Noah was in the "ark" sealed in by the hand of GOD

Let's take HEART , pilgrims --- The Lord Almighty is HIS NAME ------

would rather stay invisible BUT was told to sign off on these posts - lol ----- passing-thru

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hebrews 11:1 said...

Passing-thru...I keep meaning to ask you, where in the USA do you live? I have a lot of family and friends there, and have seen a fair share of the eastern side f the country.

Lil Pilgrim pal