Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Pilgrim...Checking In

Well, my pilgrim pals, I'm having a great time away with the boys! We've decided to stay over another night. We're at the Holiday Inn in Cambridge, Ontario. They have an indoor AND an outdoor pool! Wow!

The exciting thing is that I go away for a couple of days and my Pilgrim Pals bombard this site with new posts. That's so rewarding for me! Keep posting, Pilgrim Pals, and we'll keep praying.

And, by the way, every time I pass a STRAWBERRIES FOR SALE sign, I think of.... Well, you know who I think of.

Hope you're feeling better Terry!

Gotta run! The battery on my son Tim's laptop will be getting low.

Keep praying, friends!

The Pilgrim


Terry said...

Dear David..
Nice to hear the old pilgrim's voice again!
Usually I would be at morning meeting but I am still nursing a smashed up face!
If I ever see another strawberry patch David, it will be too soon!
If I do I will start to run the other way!

I haven't had a Macdonald's coffee in a week and my mood?
It is NOT a pretty sight..Ha!

I hope that you guys are having a good time and you are right about your newest site.
Not to worry boss!
That Passing-thru is making us all toe the line!!
....from Pilgrim pal, Terry

passing-thru said...

LOL ------ come back from church and what do I see ! A msg about STRAWBERRYS -- now what do U think of that TERRY ?


hebrews 11:1 said...

Mr. Fisher--Glad to hear you are having such a great time! Enjoy the time with your sons...we always wish we had more time with our dad.

Pilgrim Pals--Can you please pray for the lady I mentioned before who is dying? I got together the Bible and a whole lot of scripture goodies --in French-- for her, and my neighbor is bringing them over this afternoon. She is also going to read her some verses I bookmarked in the Bible. Most are on salvation, but a few are just verses of comfort. Please pray that her eyes may be opened to the Lord, and she would accept His free gift of eternal life...I just wish I could do more for her.

the little pilgrim pal

passing-thru said...


HAVE PRAYED - WILL PRAY - your effort for CHRIST is backed up by countless angels and THE GREAT HOLY SPIRT - will pray INDEED

GOOD FOR U ------ a missionary indeed

passing-thru said...

I meant lil pilgrim pal



Terry said...

You have done the hard part Hebrew 11:1. Now it is all up to God to bless these efforts, and we will be praying too!...Love Terry

Yeh, Passing-thru, we are waiting for that other Little Missionary to tell us how it went for her today!!!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Gracias, Mrs. Shirkie, or praying, and for the note about Mrs. Ljung. I just went over and learned that you learned Spanish just for someone at church...Well, we have sooo much in common. I learned Greek jus for a lost soul-- a widow on my street. And when it comes to Spanish, I know a whole lot...maybe WE should write in spanish, and then nobody else would know what we are saying...oh, except for Lil Missionary :) Just us three, how special :) Adios!

Terry said...

Yes for sure 'lil Pilgrim!
A three fold cord is not easliy borken so the three of us could write in Spanish but it wouldn't accomplish anything because the others would just "Google it" and they would translate the whole thing!!
Nice thought though!..Love Mrs. Shirkie

hebrews 11:1 said...

So, you could do the same thing if Mrs. Ljung and I wrote in Norweigian...or if Saija and my sister write in Finnish. Did you read my sister's comment on Saija's blog? She's been waiting so long to pull that one off. I just wish I knew "Congratulations!" in Finnish, but I only know it in Swedish...when the Swedes won the Gold in hockey, I learned it!