Friday, June 22, 2007


We have had alot of prayer needs lately - how has everyone done ?
Terry, seen your post for Arlene earlier , U doing OK girl ?
Let's remember the leader of our blog site and pray for him and his needs

We wouldn't be going thru many of these things if we were not serving the Lord
Imagine not having the Comfort of a Loving Personal God , we are BLESSED

The rain falls on the just and the unjust , let's renew ourselves afresh to HIM, so we can be once again be "Ambassadors of Grace "



David Warren Fisher said...

Thanks Bob (Passing-Thru). I've been having trouble posting the last couple of days. I'm leaving this comment...using our granddaughter Victoria's computer.

Lauren-Mary, how did you make out today? I was praying for you at 10:00 a.m.

Terry, are you feeling better? Will you be at McDonald's in the morning?

We continue to pray for Arlene, Pilot Dad and Vicki's husband.

Thanks for your prayers for the Pilgrim. It's been a tough week but there have also been many blessings and answers to prayer.

God is good!


Terry said...

Hi Pilgrim David.
We have been missing you the last couple of days.
Passing-thru has been holding the fort fairly well.

It sure is unusual that your blogger is giving you so much trouble,
Sometimes whenever mine is acting up, I find that I have to clean up my disk and then defrag the computer.
Once we got down to only about 15 percent space left on our hard drive and so we had to do some serious transferring of files on to an external hard drive!

Glad to see you in there!!..From Pligrim pal Terry

PS I am feeling a bit better but the doc wouldn't take the stitches out.
It said it is too soon.

I was praying for Lauren-mary in the the doc's office[to myself of course!]
I sure hope everything went well for her!
I haven't gone to the Mac's for a week almost.
Bernie goes every morning because he is on afternoons.
Although, I guess he went to Tom Horton's with you a couple of days ago.

Too bad David, the squirrels got into the strawberries you planted in our back yard and shared the berries with the robins.
Heard tell that they made a real party of it!

Last night we snuck out in the dead of the night to Sobey's for a few groceries.
Sobey's is open all night.
I wore a big hat and my sun glasses to hide my black eye and beat up face!

Thank you for praying for me!

I am glad that Pilot-dad is doing a bit better.
Arlene..I don't know about that girl.
It is hard to tell with her because she never complains!!

Ha!! I guess that tetanus needle that they gave me , the one they give you so you don't get lock jaw worked just fine!
I am back to being a long winder again Pilgrim David!!!

Take care God bless...Love to you and Carol from Pilgrim Pal Terry