Sunday, June 17, 2007


hebrews 11:1 said...
Hello, Pilgrim Pals!I don’t want to spoil the Father’s Day greetings here, but I have a quick question…actually, could someone please do me a favor, and post it? It would be very appreciated. I received a telephone call this morning from a Catholic friend who volunteers at a Senior’s residence. She said that one of the residents are going through a very difficult, and I think she said painful, time, and my neighbor is afraid she is dying. The resident speaks French, however, and my neighbor doesn’t, so she asked if I could make her a bookmark with a scripture in French on it. Here is my question: Which verse(s) do you suggest? What kind of photo should I use? It’s kind of funny I should be asking since this is something I’ve done before so many times, but never for someone who’s dying…and probably doesn’t know the Lord. Oh, that last thought just struck me…what am I to do? She probably doesn’t even know the Lord, and she is leaving here soon! And my French is okay written, but I only know the basic phrases to speak. Back to the question, I would really appreciate any suggestions, and I will certainly pray over them as I design the bookmark tomorrow. I am going to give my neighbor the French Bible I just plucked from a recycling bin a week and a half ago, to give to that poor old lady. May God give us all wisdom!From,The Little Pilgrim Pal


Terry said...

Dear Hebrews 11:1
When you can get a hold of your dad's lap top, let us know how you made out, OK?..Love Pilgrim Pal, Mrs. S

hebrews 11:1 said...

I was asking for suggestions on which verse and photo to use...I don't know if everyone understood that. This morning when I was praying (for other people) I suddenly remembered when a young Muslim neighbor was in the hospital I made a bookmark with a photo of pink Cosmo flowers and the verse Rom. 8:38, or verses around that,can't remember the exact ref. right now. Any suggestions, ANYONE, for another verse?! If not, I'll stick with this one.