Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Almost Back In The Saddle Again!

Dear Pilgrim David and all of the many other Pilgrim Pals who have been praying for me.
I don't think I have ever had so much attention, so I better get on here and tell you that I am getting better.
And to thank you so much!
Now it is somebody else's turn to get the attention although I hope it doesn't take a fall to get it!
Just today I have manged to get on the computer for a little while but I know it will not be on for a long time.

I have missed out on a lot I see!
A brand new Ottawa Pilgrim Pal!
Now we have two Julies' and two Lauras' and two Ottawa Pilgrim Pals.
I think that Passing-thru will have to keep us all straitened out as to who is who!

I will have to try and get caught up within the next few days.

David, of course is right[as usual], I will have to get better so I can go with Bernie for coffee at MacDonald's!
For sure and that Bernie has never been one for going out with the boys but for the last few days, he has been doing just THAT!
Every morning , he has deserted me and gone with Betty's husband John and a couple of other old cronies for a coffee and a burnt muffin at the Macs!

Well thanks again my pilgrim pal friends.
Your prayers are being answered!
....Love from Pilgrim Pal, Terry


Jim said...

Terry, I sure are glad to hear from you. Yes, that going out with the boys could get habit forming.

If I had some cronie friends I would go to coffee with them in the mornings. Mrs. Jim wouldn't go so it would have to be cronies.

You will sooon be better so you can go with Bernie for coffee at MacDonald's!

But if he needs Adi to come up and straighten him out, just let us know.

passing-thru said...


your spunkiness is returning -

all that attention showed how much U mean to these pilgrim pals -

Continued Blessings

hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. Shirkie, please let us all know exactly what hapenned when you get a chance...I don't know when'll get a cahnce to read it...I've hardly had a chamce today, and I see I've got a lot to catch up on...especially when it's 5:30 and I'd love to be listening to the NHL Draft preview, but who cares, I'll just listen to the Draft itself or read the paper the next day. Next year is going to the fun one, anyway, because I'll have both of my friends eligible for that one, although I thinkone will wait for the next year.
Enough rambling...Take care, and please write us all about it soon!

Still praying,
the little pilgrim pal

Jim said...

Yes, please tell us. Reminds me of that old song, "Make her tell us where she's been, Dad, make ..."
My doc didn't like my progress today, I'll tell more soon.
Just keep on getting better, Terry! You know my leprichaun was hiding in your strawberry patch. You might just blame him!
Always, you're in my prayers. Dad Goden too!