Friday, June 15, 2007


Have a good nite brother David - Carol with all the gang -- Terry , we missed U today - for all the "pals" may God Bless and encourage all of us --

I can see Paul , on bended knee , praying for all his friends whom he would not see again as he departed for Rome -- while there is day , let us work for HIM and pray for us to endure and more than endure - OVERCOME --- thx David , for setting up PILGRIM PALS ---


Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru.
Thanks for all of your encouragment!
I guess I have been busy lately licking my wounds, you tattle tale you!! Ha!
No, Bernie was more or less off today so we had a bit of running to do.
You know I really do agree with you in David's setting us this pilgtrim pals site for us.
I am so thankful to him!
Yay!!! Saija is going to join the gang!
Yesterday when I took mom home from her doctor's appointment, I told Dad about David's and your praying for him on the phone!
I told him David lived in Peterborough and Passing-thru lived in the States,
I think by the look on his face that my dad was really touched!
He knows you as Passing-thru because that is what you call yourself on my blog comments and Dad has been reading them!
Take care and have a nice weekend but I will be talking to you before that anyways..

David, you have a good weekend too and I hope all of those kids know what a great dad they have.
I think they do though!!! from Pilgrim pal, Terry

passing-thru said...

A word "fitly" spoken is like apples of gold on trees of silver (I think thats how it goes) - but the "right" word led by the Holy Spirit can do wonders towards dad golden opening his heart to the gospel -- so we pray that GOD will be able to "speak" to his soul , we need to pray and have his soil turned over to receive THE WORD - A mystery indeed this ministry that HE ordained for the church to do -- when in reality, HE could just send a flaming angel to IMPRESS him - but The SHEPERD is seeking him out - so we pray on -