Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another weekend gone !
Remember our friends !
When we sleep , HE NEVER SLEEPS
We are as Secure in HIS CARE
Arlene , Vicki , Pilot Mom, Felisol
take heart --
Lil Pilgrim pal , your burden for your
neighbors, a missionary indeed
The Julie girls - all of us pilgrims
and to David , the Ole Pilgrim, and
of course Terry, our Strawberry Queen


Terry said...

Good night to you too Passing-thru.
You are doing a good job while the boss is away!

Arlene has several prayer requests over at her blog...

Take care and you and Joanne have a good night.
I'm praying that the job will come this week..from PP Terry

passing-thru said...

Thx Terry - did u go to gospel tonight ? -- Hope U r feeling better - will check out Arlene's requests -- yes, I am trusting HIM for HE said - seek the kingdom first and all the things we need will come --
The Lord is GOOD and someday all these things we go thru will not even be remembered - IMAGINE !

Terry said...

No I didn't go Passing-thru.
Grampa Yade phoned me just before he went to the before meeting prayer meeting that they always have for twenty minutes before the the meeting.
I told him that I would not be coming.
I went to Dad Golden's today and you should of seen my little great nephew. He looked so sad when he looked at me and said. "Vat happen aunt Twerry?"
Poor little guy.
Plus I can't hear out of my left ear so this Thursday, I am going to ask my doctor tp refer me to an ear specialist.
Betty said I should get my inner ear checked out.

Thank you for visiting Arlene's blog.
She and Barry do so much gospel work in the prisons and it seems that even in her sickness she keeps on going!

Well, I better get to bed!..From Pilgrim Pal Terry