Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You guys are awesome!

Wow - great pic of Fisher! My friend Louise and I were out at the airport that day. Both of us are convinced we are going through a middle-aged thing - not a crisis but more of a revert to teenage antics - the whole sitting in the rain thing and going to greet the boys back from California. Ah, it's fun to be ....41!! Eeek, how did that happen so quickly :) There's another prayer request - 41, single and a great desire to get married and have kiddies - actually I'd love to adopt children from Guatemala or Mexico!

Thanks all for your suggestions on churches. I actually attended the Met in the 90's - it's a long story why I left - nothing bad about the Met - I think it's a great church - two of my brothers go there (I think one of them told me they saw Mike Fisher there once) - anyway it's a long story as to why I moved on. You'll probably get bits and pieces sooner or later. The Life Centre is also great but it's outta my way. I live in the west end - not far from Algonquin College. I am definately interested in checking out Kanata Wesleyan - maybe even this Sunday. Another possibility is Cedarview Missionary Alliance (in Barrhaven). I have a charismatic side for sure but I wouldn't really consider myself very pentecostal.

Pray I have the courage to step out in faith this Sunday! I'll let you know how it goes.

You are all in my prayers.


Little Missionary


passing-thru said...

Hungering to get "fed" the Word will help "drive" U to a new church home ----- most of us have been on this nomadic road -- when U find the "right" place , it will feel like home - but U already know that :-)
Lord Bless

Those "other" needs also - HE can take care of --- but U know that too ------ will try and remember to pray Lil Missionary

Terry said...

Welcome to the Pilgrim Pals, little missionary...love from Pilgrim pal, Terry