Thursday, June 21, 2007


Eph. 2: 1-22 Rich , Full , Heavenly verses showing who we are and where we sit -- verse 6 goes on to say - Raised us up with Christ himself and has sat us in heavenly places - Thats how GOD himself "sees" us , positionally and experientially to a point , for at times we "sense" HIS PRESENCE in exordinary ways - but most assuredly, HE states that we are in HIS PRESENCE

Now, we can either look at the doom and gloom and use our "feelings" as a barometer OR go to THE BOOK and declare HIS WORD for us ----

We have come this far , pilgrims and together with HIM , we are more than conquerors thru HIM that loved us ----

Thankyou LORD for your BOOK -----

I think David, The Ole Pilgrim himself may be having puter trouble , as he tried to post earlier -
"In Christ" -- passing-thru

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