Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well ------ closing in on another day - appreciated Lauren-Mary posting that picture and letting us know that her sister's speech went well -- important to report answers to prayer plus just praising HIM
No great revelations to report -- I think we have the "finished" work already of what is and what is to come ----- The Word became flesh and dwelt among us
I believe Terry had her stitches out today -- so no more strawberry jokes ---
Have U "pals" read "especiallyheather's" blog -- what a spirit she has - am sure the Lord will bless her and bless us thru her ------

Starting to "ramble" -lol --- my friend theophil will drop in from time to time -- he's a good man

How many are praying LARGELY for David and Carol ? what a great testimony it will be when GOD ANSWERS -- DID HE (GOD) NOT SAY TO ASK LARGE ? "CALL UNTO ME AND I WILL SHOW U GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS WHICH U CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE -

It would be so thoughtful if U guys drop in to say to David that your praying SPECIFICALLY for his need this month -- many of U have already --- much appreciated --

This blog site has been a refreshing well to sit and pause and reflect - so many good blog sites that are on Davids Scribblings list as well as Terry's --
"IN CHRIST " ---- passing-thru


Pilgrim Pals said...

I ased Him for water , He gave me the Well!!

What an oasis indeed Pilgrim David's Pilgrim Pal blog surely is Passing-thru!!
He is a blessing to us and we WILL continue in prayer for him and Carol always!!
And we will pray for dear Donna too, who has always been such an inspiration to so many of us!

Pray without ceasing!...from Pligrim pal, Terry

PS..Who is Theophil?

passing-thru said...

Theophil is a Nazaren pastor from R.I. he teaches at Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts -he is married to the daughter of one of my dear old friends --
A good and solid Christian witness - theophil will get a blessing checking in here to see the "regulars"

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru,
One time we had an elderly Chrisitian friend who had a son that was dying in the hospital
He was a about in his 40's.
Anyways his dad was so worried about him because he wasn't saved and he would have nothing to do with it even.
Bernie and I visited him in the hospital and left him a gospel paper.
He didn't seem too pleased but he took it.
Well he did get well enough to come home from the hospital but he decided he would leave cold old Welland town to move to good old California where it was a lot warmer for his aching bones.
He met a girl there who he fell in love with and they both went,[I guess someone invited them], to the Church of the Nazarene.
The girl got saved and then wonder of wonders, our friend's son got saved!
In the church of the Nazarene!!

Two happy new born again Christians!
Two happy mom and dad!
Two happy mom and dad's friends!
And a very happy God.
And I don't know how many happy angels who were in the midst of rejoicing in heaven for two saved prodigals who were dead but were alive again, were lost but were now found!
How merry was everybody THAT day eh?
..From Pilgrim Pal, Terry

PS... Hello Theophil!