Thursday, June 28, 2007


Reflecting of days gone by - my mom and dad also were "saved" back in 1967 - They were simple folks - never owned a home , with age came operations but what they did have was a "Sterling Testimony" Dad would wear a cap with JESUS printed across it and a jacket with JESUS SAVES across the back - if we went out to a resturant , he would always wear that outfit and people would "stare" at him , he knew it - but he always looked for a way to witness - he would shuffle in , his legs were bad and he always carried "tracts" to pass out - - many times I would wince as we were in public ( embarrassed to be seen with such a witness) Can U imagine ! but its true to my shame - I was lukewarm -- Dad went to his homecoming 3 years ago this Nov. - Mom was and still is a Wonderful Witness of the Saving Grace of God -- she passes out handdrawn tracts of Christ - always doing for others - she is aging and in need of medical treatment for those blocked arteries - she NEVER COMPLAINS and always testifies about Jesus and loves people --
------ thanks for listening to this pilgrim --- yes, just reflecting of days gone by -- passing-thru


Pilgrim Pals said...

Dear Passing-thru...When our family lived out in my beloved Manitoba, the Brandon Gospel Hall brethren would have an open air gospel meeting on a Saturday night in Rivers, the town that we lived in and when we were there, Betty, Teddy and me with them, it used to be so emabarrassing standing there when a lot of the kids we went to high school with would be going by and taunting us.
Even though I wasn't saved at the time, I always feel so ashamed when ever I think back to those days!!

My mom and I and Betty were saved in 1967 too in Ottawa.
It was Canada's centennial year.

You always have such good posts!!..from Pilgrim Pal Terry

passing-thru said...

Thx Terry -- mom and dad were 45 years old when saved - they never heard the gospel until I got saved and told them - at least , they don't remember if they did --

That must have been difficult for U teenagers - I could only imagine ! ------ I was almost 22 years old and away from home when I first heard the gospel --