Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good News For Arlene and Barry

Arlene says..."It has been a very l-o-n-g couple of days. I didn't realize everything that was going on in my body at that time but, now I realize just how sick I was. He told Barry that I was a VERY sick woman. The dehydration was clear to him but not to me. I had been drinking lots of water, so I thought everything was fine. They told me this kind of dehydration was like putting a teaspoon of water on a forest fire. Who knew?

I would look into my own eyes [and they look a lot different now that I don't have any hair], but I couldn't see any life at all. They were just like someone else's eyes starring back at me. My eyes have always been bright and sparkly.

I am very thankful that the doctor saw me sitting in that waiting room.

My blood count is hanging around.06, which is still not good at all.
He is expecting it to rise again and be fine shortly. This is my white blood count , and it doesn't allow you to feel sick.

He said that I can go home probably Monday or Tuesday.

He also said that my liver has shrunk greatly.
He was really smiling about that.

This morning when I woke up I felt like I could have gone to a street fair somewhere. Just get out of here and go somewhere was my philosophy. Well, I guess I was smart to just stay here[like I had a choice] cause now I'm kind of tired again

Our friends, Duane and Myra, came to visit me today and when they left, of course, they prayed with me. They were both sitting in a chair right across from me and while he was praying I saw something like a disc. The colors were on like a sphere and I believe there was a dove on it too. Around it were many variations of blue, with some pink and white too. Anyway the disc turned and turned and turned and turned. I wasn't afraid of it and I realized HEALING coming to me.
I told them what I had seen and we rejoiced together.Not 2 minutes after they left, the doctor came into to see me and gave me the good news of the liver decreasing dramatically.

Posted by Arlene.. at 4:32 PM this afternoon on her "Loving God and Life Blog".
Malachi 4:2.."But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings."


passing-thru said...

PRAISE THE LORD -- and we will keep on praying --

No false hopes here, your a child of God, your steps are ordered by A LOVING SACRIFICING REDEEMER ,

There will still be "dark" days and trials but "daily" bringing prayers to the "Throne" by HIS people and most of ALL - from THE GREAT CHRIST HIMSELF, interceeding Directly for you Arlene and Barry

So we continue to "pray" and "praise , sowing seeds of hope and faith and promises from THE ONE WHO FAILS US NOT -----

passing-thru said...

After posting just now and saying there will still be trials and "dark" days , I thought , thats not very encouraging (sorry) - Colosians 1:13 "WHO has DELIVERED us from the power of darkness and has translated us into the KINGDOM OF HIS DEAR SON

Now - thats more like it !!

Terry said...

Hey Passing-thru...Such GOOD news,eh?
There are more people happy than just Arlene and Barry about this answer to prayer.
It makes you want to keep going on and praying even more!!

Look what I learned to do! I found out how to get that link in there.
It was just by accident too!

It is almost ten and in an hour our Little Missionary pilgrim pal will be going to church and I just hope that she likes what she sees!.........From Pilgrim pal Terry

PS..Hello Pigrim David where ever you are!!
You too Hebrews 11:1, 'lil pilgrim pal..........

passing-thru said...


and your right about wanting to pray more when U see results - we need to remember to "see with the eye of faith" results or not - HE IS WORKING AND DOES WORK , and we need to "sow with hope"

Continuing in prayer --

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi, Mrs. Shirkie! How did you know I was thinking about you? Actually I was thinking about all you Pilgrim Pals out there...I missed getting on this computer yesterday, but what a great evening I had last night: Our friends whom we regularly fellowship with have not been able to meet with us for awhile, so they came over last evening for a time of prayer, praise and worship, and fellowship. I warmed up on the piano before they got here, and then let their dad take it over --he plays so well. He led us in one of our favorites to open the time of singing. It is called "Adonai"...our friend first taught it to us, and we found it one of the best worship songs ever. I could forever sing, "you are Lord over all the earth, you are Lord over all the earth...Adonai, Adonai, every knee will bow to you Lord Most High...You alone are God, every tongue will cry, Adonai, Adonai!" The tune is beautiful. Anyway, one day we heard the CD it was originally released on, and my sister sid, "That sounds too fast! It sounds terrible compared to the way we sing it!" Funny how much a song can change by the speed and the heart you put into it!

Then today we went for a super family bike ride, and went into a district full of estates. I said I should take a photo to put with the verse, What shall it profit a man..., and my mom said that was not nice. Okay, maybe I should put it with Lay up your treasures in Heaven, and put it on my wall, since I always wish I could have a nice big house, and that would remind me what the Bible says. I always feel like a sardine in a can in this tiny place...oh, does that make me a "squished fish"?! :) At any rate, we had a great time as a family.

Terry said...

Hey 'lil pilgrim, I was thinking of you too.
Seems a long time since I heard you in here at our Pilgrim's home away from home blog.
I was wanting to tell you that Mrs.Ljung[Felisol] needs her Hebrews 11:1 little comforter.
Her little girl is not feeling well at all and she is in the hospital!
You always write such nice letters to her!

Guess what? I found out how to put links on my post!
Na! Na! Na! Na! Naaaa!!!
Love Pilgrim Pal Mrs S.

PS..I love that song that you were singing.
My mom likes Praise songs like that too...

hebrews 11:1 said...

I CAN TOO link a site, but it does not work on comments! How do you think I get on this blog...I had Pilgrim's in my favorites file on the other computer and hopped from blog to blog from there, but this one is my dad's. So...I have pasted the links to both the Pilgrim's and Pals on a Word doc., and then hold CTRL and click with the mouse, and VOILA! The site of choice pops up...

You are just so funny with your Na-na, I will end with Hey, hey, GOOD-NIGHT!

the laughing lil Pilgrim Pal
(hey, you didn't even wish me a Bonne Fete Nationale!) ;)