Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Prayer Request for Jim

Our friend Claire (Pilot Mom) sends along the following prayer request for her husband, Jim (Pilot Dad):

"Jim is being admitted to St. Marks hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00 am for a feeding tube to be inserted. It is required for him to stay overnight to make sure there are not any complications. He will undergo anesthesia so prayer is requested for no complications to arise with that. And for a safe and normal procedure to take place. Thank you for your faithfulness in praying. We are reminding ourselves when we can't, He can!!!" Claire

Thanks for praying, my Pilgrim Pals.



Terry said...

Dear David...I am praying for Pilot-Dad over here for sure.

Arlene is going through some more chemo today also.
It might just be her last one, although she is supposed to have one more after this one. but it is making her too sick, so could you ask the pilrgim pals to pray for her and her husband, Barry too David....From Pilgrim pal Terry.

passing-thru said...

Count me in on praying today for these people ---


hebrews 11:1 said...

I'll continue praying...

The lil pilgrim pal