Saturday, June 30, 2007


David's desire for this blog site to REFRESH the saints is certainly taking hold.
Terry sharing what Rose sent her dad Golden -- yes, friendship , but friendship with a purpose of seeing people saved ------ the highest calling - HERE IS Pilot Mom sharing a testimony of praying for people -- I took the liberty and posted this -

Pilot Mom said...
Oh! This happened to me!! We lived in a duplex next to a young couple with 3 young girls. They were mormons but didn't believe in it and were really just 'nothing.' Well, of course, we shared with them. Most often non-verbally, but also verbally. We had some great discussions. But, eventually, we moved out and into our new home we had built. We prayed for them for years. We kept in touch for a couple of years and then we slowly lost touch as they also moved. But, periodically, as the Lord brought them to mind we prayed.

Well, when our son was in 11th grade (in a Christian school) I was talking with another mother and she interrupted me and said, "Claire, you know Ann, don't you?" And, I began to say..."No, I don't believe we've met...but Ann jumped in and said, "Oh, yes, Claire and I go waaay back when our children were just one year old!" I turned and fully looked at Ann and she was our old neighbor from the duplex!! And she and her husband had accepted the Lord about 3 or 4 yrs before!

Oh, how I rejoiced that the Lord let us know the outcome of our 17 yrs of praying!!! :)

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