Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thanks Pilgrims

Just want to thank you for welcoming me and for your prayers.
David: I live in Ottawa - home of the greatest hockey team ever - the Sens - and home of my favorite player Mike Fisher - God bless him for being such a great witness for the Lord! So, if you know of any solid Christian churches in my town to recommend feel free because I barely know where to start!

BTW: The picture is of myself (left), and my friend Louise, sitting outside in the rain at Scotiabank Place watching game 4 of the Stanley Cup round! Man, I look pretty awful in that pic but what a good time we had!

The reason I call myself "little missionary" is because I've been on 5 mission trips (little or short term trips). Another reason for "little" is because I sense a call from the Lord to go on mission but I have so little to offer - I have no great skills or talents to offer but I do give my time and love. I've traveled to the jungle in Guatemala twice, Romania, and ministered in garbage dumps in Mexico City twice.

Julie - Jesus' "little missionary"


Julie said...

I know of a church! My aunt and uncle live in Kemptville and drive into Ottawa to go to church. They really like it...it's a bigger church with lots of stuff happening. It is called "TLC" which if I remember correctly stands for The Life Centre. If you would like more information I can get it for you...I think they even have a website.

David Warren Fisher said...

Julie (the Ottawa one), because Julie from Peterborough has already recommended a church. I guess it depends on which part of the city you live in.

Two churches I highly recommend are Kanata Wesleyan Church, just across the 417 from the Scotiabank Place and the Metropolitan Bible Church downtown on Bank Street. It also depends, I'm sure, on which type of church you're looking for...charismatic, pentecostal, an independent Bible church, or whatever. Let me know. If you want to discuss this matter off the Pilgrim Pals site, just e-mail me at:

We want to help anyway we can and with anything we can!

In His love,


Lauren-Mary said...

Hi Julie!!

I'm an Ottawa girl too:) I know of a few churches in the area, so it really depends on what you're looking for. I saw David recommended the Met- I have a few friends who went there and liked it (I actually had lunch today with a girl who attends with her husband and loves it). It's quite big, but you still have great fellowship. (I've never been to Kanata Wesleyan, but I've heard great things about it. I'm in the process of possibly switching assemblies myself, so it's on my list to try). Anyways, I know of a few others in the area too if you're interested. Let me know if you want to send me an e-mail or something!
Where in Ottawa are you?


David Warren Fisher said...

Lauren-Mary: Wow! What timing! It's a God thing! I was just going to e-mail you when I received notification that you had posted a comment. Thanks for stepping to the plate and offering to help Julie find a church. That's what Pilgrim Pals do! Help each other and pray for each other.

Keep me posted!

In His love,

Mike's Uncle
(I had to throw that in there for all you Senators fans)

passing-thru said...

Wow - little missionary - thats so awesome U have been to these fields --- I have never been on a missionary trip but really admire the efforts U have made ---

These pilgrim pals will certainly help U find a Great Church -

Terry said...

Dear Julie.."Little Missionary".
It is really nice that you have the desire to become a missionary.
The first thing though for you to do is find the church home that the Lord will have you be and any of these, David, Lauren-mary, or Julie, you can trust their advise.
When you have found the place and established yourself and feel the call is still there, then you will have the fellowship of the brethern in that place and they will support you and back you up.
And more important, they will always be praying for you wherever you are serving the Lord.
I don't think that it is a good idea for you to just go out on your own...

I know that the rest of the Pilgrim Pals will be praying for you now that you will find the meeting place where the Lord wants you to be.

That picture of you and your friend is nice.
You have such nice happy smiles!
This week, Mr. Robert E Surgenor is down from Clevland, Ohio having special ministry meetings.
I remember once that he told us a Christian guy was giving out gospel papers and he had one miserable face.
When he offered a tract to another man, the man took one look at the Christian's sad face and said, "NO thanks!!I have enough problems of my own!"
So "Little Missionaray", you see, you have already won half of the battle with your bright cheerful face!!....Love from Pilgrim pal Terry