Friday, June 15, 2007


Seeing God work in the "little" things for us is so refreshing -- medication that we need, was able to get it at a real good price - lifted our spirits and our praise went to Him -- I post enough on here about the struggles, I better make sure I mention ALL of HIS answers to our needs - as my dear wife says, makes us want to pray the more to see God work -- passing-thru (bob)


David Warren Fisher said...

Hallelujah! Bless you, brother Bob!


passing-thru said...

Yes - and re-reading God's smuggler (brother andrew) wets the appetite -- Lord Bless brother David and Terry and Hebrew 11:1 and Saija and By His Grace Alone and etc etc --- lets breakdown the strongholds for souls like dad golden --- cancers for the Arlenes - and for "especiallyheather" - one day , we may be in that boat where our bodies are attacked - - praying on while passing-thru

Terry said...

Yes and when we are Passing-thru and David and Julie and Lauren-mary and Laura-mae.. Arlene and little Heather and wonder of wonders, Dad Golden will be praying for US!!
Arlene already is..bless her soul!

God bless all of David's pilgrim pals and all the pilgrim pals who haven't signed up yet but they are still our pals, Donna, Pilot-mom, Felisol, Vicki,and many more!....Love Terry

PS...Hebrews11:1 and the little Montreal girl can't sign up but they are both honorary members!