Thursday, June 21, 2007


Terry ------- what are these ?

Only teasing U ---- "borrowed" these from "By Grace Alone"

Hope U are healing ok ------

"IN CHRIST" ----- passing thru


Pilgrim Pals said...

Poor Terry, I don't think she'll ever look at strawberries the same way ever again! Hope your recovery is going well dear friend!


Terry said...

Wasn't that a low blow Lauren-mary?
Passing-thru is not only making fun of me with that nice picture of Donna's but he is also showing me how smart he is that he can post these links and I don't know the first thing about it!!..from Pilgrim pal, Terry

passing-thru said...

LOL -- Terry - I know less that U do on this puter stuff - but to send the link to the picture - put the cursor on the picture, right click on mouse, up comes a list of things,at the bottom of list , U will see "properties" click on that and highlight the addy -- then copy and if u want to post it - just paste -
Listen to me -- lol -- I know nothing about puters ----

hebrews 11:1 said...

Here's another one
Awww, too bad you have to copy and paste that up at the web address spot, instead of just CLICK on it, like passing-thru's...

Pilgrim pal Guess who? said...

Hey Pilgrim pal Hebrews 11:1
YOU can't copy or paste either?!
Pilgrim pal David and Pilgrim pal Passing-thru are just two smarty pants!!....Ha!!!