Friday, January 11, 2008

Update On Dad Golden

This is the picture I took of Dad Golden and Rachel yesterday at the hospital.Again they cancelled his operation!The doctor was ill, and so now the new date is Wednesday, the 16th at two in the afternoon.I am so glad that I thanked you for your future prayers for my dad because he is still needing it..
I am heading over to Mom and Dad's now as Mom as come down ill, so I will see what is happening.
Thanks again everybody.
There must be some reason why the Lord has allowed this.
As I was walking Dad out form the hospital, I said to him,
"Now Dad, you even have more time to be saved."


Pilot Mom said...

Oh Terry! That is so true! I keep thinking, "The Lord is making another few days (as far as we know) open to you to come to your senses and see Him for Who He is!" I PRAY with every fiber of my being that Dad Golden will not be foolish, but WISE, and place his faith in Christ!!!

Also, I'm praying for your mom and whatever is wrong with her. Along with David and Felisol's mom, we have quite a few whom are ailing. And, let's not forget LPP's dad.

Felisol, I'm praying for you. My mom had several of those infections. When they get dehydrated like that they can get so confused. That was always the first clue for me to have her checked for a urinary tract infection....the confusion.

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hey Terry - I echo Pilot mom's words!
Julie (LM)

Anonymous said...

Pilot Mom put it so well!

And thank you for remembering my dad, too! He is doing sooo well...hasn't had to take a painkiller since Sunday (he wears a patch, though), and today he had his first outing since chemo...ordered our new laptop...Yipee! Thank you for your prayers.

Mrs. Shirkie, God' timing is ALWAYS perfect!

Love to all,

David Warren Fisher said...


It must be so frustrating for you when Dad Golden's surgery keeps being postponed you said...more time for him to get saved.

We continue to trust God for his salvation.

Thanks for your ongoing prayers as I battle cellulitis. I'm beginning to feel better.

Lots of love,


Vicki said...

Still praying and lifting up your Dad's needs, dear Terry. The Lord makes all things beautiful in its time. God bless you.