Saturday, January 26, 2008

Prayer Need

Vicki here. Came here to pray over you today but confess I have needs of my own.

Asking for prayer regarding this mass on my thyroid. It's not a nodule, or a little lump--it's grown into a mass that now covers nearly my entire left lobe. My endocrinologist has biopsied it before and followed it's progression since late 2005 with ultrasounds. Up until now I've not been too concerned. I still think it's probably benign.

But I'm not sure the Pals know. Donna knows I'm going through tests. But few ever seem to visit or email me other than to ask for prayers, so right now, I'll be honest---I could use some support.

The first biopsy came back nondiagnostic on the 14th. The endocrinologist sent me to a new guy for a repeat biopsy two days ago. Results should be back Mon. or Tues. This is not about being scared as much as it's about feeling a lack of support and understanding. Being a menopausal female experiencing fluctuating emotions doesn't help, but I've run into one thoughtless person after another. Forgiveness is key, always, but how my own family and friends would have to be 'prompted' to care, is beyond me.


donna said...

hey my sweet friend....don't be discouraged.....I have been praying for you and so many others...God hears from me everyday about you...

blogs seem to be very quiet these days and in a couple weeks i wont be able to type for a while...I am panicked about surgery.

love and hugs

Vicki said...

Donna, you are so kind. I'll be praying for you also, especially as you're facing surgery. {{hugs}} Might be having surgery myself, so I totally relate to that sense of panic. His peace will cover us, though. Talk to you soon.

Felisol said...

Dear Vicki,
people tend to get labeled, you know.
I'm sure you always have been seen as the strong, supportive type. Then people just don't get it when you could need some understanding or a praying friend.
I have had you and Donna on my "Praying Rosary" for quite some time. Be sure you'll both remain there.
It's when I'm feeling most alone I'm holding my right hand up between the light bulb and the wall. My daughter, when she was 4 did that. She'd asked how far away the Lord was, and a sudden inspiration made me read Psalm 121: "the Lord is thy shadow by thy right hand".
She laughed from joy. Is the Lord here. Mom?
According to his word in the Bible He is that near, always.
From Felisol

jel said...

vicki, donna,
y'all are in my prayers,

and as R the other pals,
I just don't talk much ! sorry


ron said...

Hi Vicki,

I am one of those that pray for many people when I run across them on the many blogs I visit ! I visit your blog but I don't never comment !

I didn't know you were in a stressful situation and I pray for negative results on your tests !

May God continue to bless you !

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Dear Vicki, boy can I relate...having gone though my own emotional fluctuations in the last couple years! My thyroid was the main problem; it's been slightly hypo for 20 some years, but in the last year became more out of wack - I had developed some nodules on it but they are benign. The meds were tweeked and I'm doing so much better - praise God. You are in my thoughts and prayers Vicki. May the Lord grant you a sense of His presence in the days ahead. Please keep us posted.

Julie (LM)

Vicki said...

Terry, dear, I am not depressed. That situation you mentioned was months ago as I was going through some hormonal things. Thanks for the prayers, though.

Felisol, thank you for that. Appreciate the loving thoughts and prayers. I'm not strong. I'm totally dependent on the Lord, though:-) In our weakness He is strong.

Jel & Ron, my thanks for your sweet prayers as well.

Julie, the thyroid stuff has been going on for some time, but not a problem until recently. Cell growth can change...that's why they keep doing ultrasounds and biopsies. Not worried--just needed some support.

Let's keep praying for Donna who now needs surgery to correct her shoulder problem and is feeling at times anxious. Lord, we have so many needs...please send your healing touch and give us grace to face the challenges ahead.

Love & blessings to all.

Pilot Mom said...

Vicki,I am praying for you now that I have found out! I'm praying for strength, courage, steadfastness, support, and of course, comfort and grace...grace...grace...grace...and more grace!

Vicki said...

Pilot Mom: Ah yes, sweet grace. thank you so much for remembering me in your prayers. Just to know some folks here are carrying me along in prayer is a great comfort indeed.



hebrews 11:1 said...

Dearest Mrs. Gaines,

I feel so guilty...not because I don't have time to come by your blog, but because whenever I do I am just pasting my update and leaving. I did read about your health problem last time I was on there, but I just skimmed it--sped-read it like I do so often when I shouldn't. Please forgive me for not commenting. I am working on an update now, but I feel so bad, I will drop it off elsewhere!

God bless you!

Love and Prayers,

Vicki said...

LPP, please don't feel bad - just offer whatever prayer you can, whenever you can.

I love you and pray for your father.

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you so much, sweetie!

Love you to,