Monday, January 21, 2008

The BIG 6-0

Please don't tell Carol that I've done this but...the Pilgrim's beloved wife turned 60 today. Terry, you're likely too busy to bake a cake but if any of the Pals out there want to post a "Happy Birthday" greeting for Carol I will make sure she sees it.

Also she would like some gift certificates from some of our favourite restaurants...dinner for 2. Actually it's me that would like those. I'm getting hungry!

Seriously, Carol is joining me in the crazy 60's today and together we're going to ride into the sunset on our big tricycles (pictured), the kind you see in those retirement villages in Florida.

Thanks for your well wishes!

The Pilgrim


Pilot Mom said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Carol! I'm sure we can get a cake made for your celebration! Phooey to the's your celebration!! Calories NEVER count when it is your birthday. ;)

May He richly bless your day, as well as the rest of your week!

Terry said...

Don't forget your helmets!