Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Pilot-Mom!

When I woke up this morning and saw Pilgrim's birthday greeting, I thought to myself..."Oh, I am too late!", but late is better than never to wish you a belated Birthday greeting Claire...

Here is a birthday cake I googled in and trust me it is surely not one that David made.

I mean look at the people gobbling it down!

The cake that he made for Vicki gave quite a few of us upset stomachs!!

Haven't heard hide nor hair from some of them since!

This one here is sooo good!

I think the guy at the top in the striped green shirt is Passing-thru.

David is the guy in the blue jammies and the fat lady with the dyed blond hair is me and I do believe I see Little Montreal Girl trying her hardest to unbury LP who has dug herself right into the centre of the cake! That girl is so afraid of ice cream!!

And there is Jimmie, Adi's grampa trying his hardest to keep the thing together so he can sing a decent Happy Birthday telegram to you Pilot-Mom!!

When Little Missionary Julie and Felisol and Rodney, and Saija, and Susan and Laura-Mae and Lauren-Mary, and Vicki, and Donna, and that other "Fish"[Marky J.] and Lisa get here, it will be just as well that the cake will be demolished, and just a sweet but messy memory!

After all we certainly don't want our Julie Sweet Inspirations to see it!!!

Have a great day!!


Adi's Grandpa Jim said...

Happy Birthday Pilot-mom!
Happy Birthday Pilot-mom!
Happy Birthday Pilot-mom!
Happy Birthday Pilot-mom!
Happy Birthday Pilot-mom!
Happy Birthday Pilot-mom!
Happy Birthday Pilot-mom!
Happy Birthday Pilot-mom!
Happy Birthday Pilot-mom!
Happy Birthday Pilot-mom!

That's about all the better I can sing! L'Pal tried to teach me a new song but I just cant't keep it right.
I would also sing you The New Song (Revelations) but I have been dismissed from the choir and from further singing here on earth!

Terry said...

Ah!! Good going Jim!!
I guess I will let you keep your job!
I was almost tempted to lay you off and hire Jules!!
But you HAVE redeemed yourself!....Love Terry

I was just now writing Adi a letter when I heard all the singing at the Pilgrim's Blog!!

Pilot Mom said...

Isn't it WONDERFUL singing, Terry?! I enjoyed his song immensely!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Happy Birthday Pilot this point it's almost better to say a belated Happy Birthday!! Hope your day was blessed!

Julie (LM)

Felisol said...

Dear Pilot Mom,
hope your day was a blessed one.We have been busy in hospital all day, but when I came home, saw the delicious cake and all the happy faces, I sure wanted to great my friend and co-prayer Pilot Mom.
(((((((Birthday hugs)))))))
From Felisol

Vicki said...

Hope your day was super special!
Lots of hugs and blessings coming your way!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Shirkie,

I am sooo scared of ice cream becuase I am sooo allergic to it! And no wonder I have been feeling under the weather...I am allergic to cake, too, and being buried in it is not at all good for my health! ;) Of course, LMG LOVES cake and ice cream ;)