Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prayer request

Last week there was a high profile car crash which killed three young adults. For the first few days no details or names were released, and my friends and I discussed the crash briefly before moving on to other topics. I woke up one morning last week to find out that the names and pictures of the people killed had been released, and stared down in utter shock at the face of someone I knew. My friend Mark was the driver of the car, and was killed in the accident. The news has hit a lot of people incredibly hard, so I'm asking all the Pals to remember Mark's friends, and especially his family, in their prayers.
I knew Mark from swimming. As with any serious sports team, our team was more of a family than anything else. With all the practices and travelling we did, we often spent more time together than with our own families. I hadn't spoken to Mark in about a year or two (we both went to different universities and were living in different cities for a while), but it breaks my heart. I spoke with one of my former teammates over the week-end, and I agree when she said that it feels like we've lost a member of our swimming family.

Thanks for your prayers Pals! "Marky" was a great guy.



Vicki said...

Oh, what heartache! I'll be surely praying for all the families involved, and for you, too, sweet Lauren-Mary. So sorry to hear this news. May the Lord comfort hearts during this time of grief.

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hey Lauren-Mary,

Yes, I definately saw all the news about the crash - what a tragedy!

Julie (LM)

Terry said...

Oh this is so sad Lauren-mary!
My prayer will be included here for them and for you...Love Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, Lauren-Mary...I am so sorry to hear about that. May the Lord comfort you, and all his friends and his family. May He fill your hearts with His Perfect Peace.

With Love and Prayers,