Friday, January 18, 2008

Ode to Dad Golden

Here's a little rhyme concerning Dad Golden. The rhythm may not be up to par but the sentiment is shared by all the Pals I'm sure.


The Pilgrim Pals have come together...for a celebration
Thanking God for Dad Golden...a successful operation
Together we are trusting God...for glorious salvation
Joining those who've been redeemed...
From every tribe, and nation.

I'm convinced that God raised up Pilgrim Pals as a vehicle through which Terry's dad would eventually come to faith in Jesus Christ. I know that many (if not all) of the pals share this conviction.

Let's be diligent in prayer, expecting to hear the marvellous news that Dad Golden has come to know Jesus. It could be today!

Wow! This is exciting!

We love you, Dad Golden! We're praying for you!


Terry said...

He read them ALL David and all of the pal's comments on them.....Thanks love Terry

Vicki said...

Yes, we're praying and believing everything good for Dad Golden, especially his salvation!