Monday, January 21, 2008

His Name Is Jack

Forgive me for my absence.....I thought physical therapy would bring complete healing from the fall I took right before Thanksgiving, but an MRI of my right shoulder last week proved me wrong. I will be undergoing rotator cuff surgery February 13th...I have been off work since November 21st and expect to be until late April or May. But that is not the sole purpose for this post.

I wanted to ask you to visit the blog of a couple in Canada (although I am uncertain exactly where). I did ask for permission to link to them. Please read their story from their very first blog post and lift their precious baby to our Lord in prayer....His Name Is Jack Their story and the prayer of a father will touch your heart.

Father God, thank you for Pilgrim Pals and the many wondrous testimonies of your love and faithfulness ....we thank you for David and Carol, (bless her Lord on this today her 60th birthday). We praise you Father for miracles being revealed to us each day through Dad Golden, Jim and Claire, Arlene, Heather, LLP's loved ones, Julie, Saija, Susan, Janice, Ron, Jim, Lisa; please watch over Felisol's mom; comfort and hold all of them close to You as they maneuver through their days and make provisions for her care; Lord please be with Vicki as she awaits results of tests and bless our sweet sister Terry with much prayed for news, the salvation of her dear father....

And oh yes, Lord....may our dear brother in Christ...Bob, please join with us once again as we continue to gather here in your precious name. Amen

blessings to all
and thank you for visiting Baby Jack


Terry said...

Dear Donna..
Thank you so much for your prayers for all of us.
The Lord will surely bless you.
I am sorry that you are still hurting from your fall and the cold cold weather would be no help to that pain either.
I pray that the operation will be successful.
It is good that you won't be going to work for a while.
You will really have to be careful.
It is no easy job that you have.
Thank you again for praying fro Dad Golden.
Now I will give an update on Dad Golden, after wishing Carol a happy belated birthday...
Then I will go and visit Baby Jack...Love Terry

jel said...

Hey donna, sorry to hear about your fall!