Friday, January 18, 2008

Good News For The Pilots!

After months of looking ahead to this day where we would find out the results of our latest CT scan, this day finally arrived!Upon waking this morning I thought maybe I had experinced another small stroke. It wouldn't have surprised me because even though I did not think I was succombing to stress these last several months, your mind can certainly play tricks on you! While at the doctor's office for Jim I called my doctor to see if he could see me or if I had to go straight to the emergency room. The Lord truly blessed by giving me an appointment within the other.I pop back in to hear the doctor telling Pilot Dad that the CT scan looked great! There was no evidence of any cancer! Whatever was on the PET scan which caused it to "glow" is now longer there! Isn't that fabulous?! I know it was from everyone lifting up prayers on our behalf! So one down and one to go....Things were going so smoothly today, even with both doctors! I didn't have to wait long before being called back. After explaining my symptoms he began his examination which included a thorough neurological exam.Afterwards he shared that he did notthink it was a stroke but rather a pinched nerve in my elbow (the ulna) .I practically jumped for joy at the news!! The down side of this is I will have to have one of those nerve induction tests done on my arm in February.After all of the excitement, Pilot Dad and I went out to celebrate! It was great to see PD enjoy his dinner so much! He is eating better...still a long way to go before getting the feeding tube out but we are hopeful that it will come out of his stomach sometime this year! Our goal would be to have it out by the wedding!


Terry said...

All kinds of prayers are being answered this week!!
We sure do have a Father that cares and we sure do have a lots of brothers and sisters and mothers in Israel that care!
Love Terry

So happy for Pilot-Dad!

jel said...


doing a jig! :)

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks Terry (?) for posting this over here! I was going to do it today but you beat me to it! :) How wonderful that we are watching out for each other each day. Truly we are blessed when we come before our Father in prayer on behalf of others!

Anonymous said...



Love and Prayers,

Vicki said...

Well I'm sure glad I came over here today - such good news! Praising God from whom all our blessings flow!

\0/ halleluiah!